70 percent of Americans are being treated for a depression they DON’T HAVE, says award-winning investigative journalist

The stated purpose of the 1991 FDA public hearings was “a scientific investigation into suicidal ideation, suicidal acts, and other violent behavior reported to occur in association with the pharmacological treatment of depression.” In other words, the FDA was trying to determine whether this new class of mind-altering drugs was causing people to commit suicide and exhibit other violent behaviors.

It was because of “intense public interest and emotion surrounding the item on the committee’s agenda” that a small number of the public that reportedly had experienced adverse reactions to the new drugs were allowed to make five-minute statements before the committee. Sally and Al Barrett explained in part their daughter’s death this way:

At age 17 Jennifer developed an eating disorder called anorexia. In January of 1990, however, she was placed on the antidepressant, Prozac. Several weeks later she took an overdose, which was her first suicide attempt.

For the next four or five months after she was taken off this drug she did not talk about suicide nor attempt it. However, she was heavily sedated under the effects of another drug called Anafranil, and she was then placed on Prozac to counteract the effects of Anafranil.

After starting Prozac, Jenny’s behavior became more agitated and aggressive and hostile. Jenny started having terrorizing nightmares, frightening the whole family with her outcries. The second month after she was placed on Prozac, she secretly purchased a gun on August 25 and shot herself in the head and died on August 27.

Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/052979_psychiatric_drugs_depression_mental_health.html

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