After Censoring Damning Autopsies, Mainstream Media Admits COVID Vaccines May Share Blame for “Unprecedented” Excess Deaths

Above image: COVID vaccine victims website Real Not Rare

Biden: Our “patience” for the unvaccinated person is wearing thin

The UK Telegraph is a 160 year-old British institution, equivalent of the New York Times “newspaper of record.” Now picked up by MSN, Yahoo News, and the New York Post. With excess deaths, i.e. higher than normal deaths, at 20% higher for 2020, 2021, and 2022, or 30 million globally since 2020, the admission that the COVID vaccines might play a significant role is a direct reversal of the position that the shots are “safe and effective.”

Notably missing from the analysis of Our World in Data numbers is the uncanny correlation in many countries between vaccination rates over time and excess deaths over time. Also missing is any mention of the many extant autopsy studies which firmly place the largest part of the blame for world excess deaths on the COVID vaccines.

Now there is strong evidence that, in the US anyway, many of the excess deaths recorded in 2020 as COVID were actually from a murderous US government-incentivized protocol of Remdesivir, Paxlovid, Molnupiravir, and inappropriate ventilator intubation.

Remember they wanted you to starve with no job, be denied medical care, wished death upon you if you did not comply, and were not able to prove that you complied. Now it turns out the shots were not “safe and effective” after all.

Families were shattered. People disinvited from Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner which will never be forgotten. Some people still not speaking and never will. Elderly dying alone crying because they wanted to be hugged and damn the COVID. Businesses closed which will never re-open. Who pays for all that?

Chief Science Advisor for Wales Says Estimated 20 Million Dead from COVID Vaccines

Dr. Peter Halligan, Chief Science Advisor for the UK Government in Wales put the COVID vaccine death count at nearly 20 million last year. Censored of course.

“Global deaths are around 19.5 million SO FAR and global injuries are around 2.2 billion. Those injuries are likely to develop into “conditions” and then morbidities.” — “20 million saved or 20 million killed?”
Professor Peter Halligan

The Mainstream Media Changes Course from “Safe and Effective” to “Maybe Not”

The Telegraph Then

The Telegraph Now

The UK Telegraph

Covid vaccines could be partly to blame for the “unprecedented” rise in excess deaths since the pandemic, scientists have suggested.

Researchers from The Netherlands analysed data from 47 Western countries and discovered there had been more than three million excess deaths since 2020, with the trend continuing despite the rollout of vaccines and containment measures.

They said the “unprecedented” figures “raised serious concerns” and called on governments to fully investigate the underlying causes, including possible vaccine harms.

Writing in the British Journal of Medicine BMJ Public Health, the authors from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, said: “Although Covid-19 vaccines were provided to guard civilians from suffering morbidity and mortality by the Covid-19 virus, suspected adverse events have been documented as well.

“Both medical professionals and citizens have reported serious injuries and deaths following vaccination to various official databases in the Western World.”

They added: “During the pandemic, it was emphasised by politicians and the media on a daily basis that every Covid-19 death mattered and every life deserved protection through containment measures and Covid-19 vaccines. In the aftermath of the pandemic, the same moral should apply.”

The study found that across Europe, the US and Australia there had been more than one million excess deaths in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, but also 1.2 million in 2021 and 800,000 and 2022 after measures were implemented.

Researchers said the figure included deaths from Covid-19, but also the “indirect effects of the health strategies to address the virus spread and infection”.

They warned that side effects linked to the Covid vaccine had included ischaemic stroke, acute coronary syndrome and brain haemorrhage, cardiovascular diseases, coagulation, haemorrhages, gastrointestinal events and blood clotting.

Censored Study of Autopsies Confirms COVID-19 Shots Caused Many Worldwide Deaths

The Imperial Valley Desert Review

ORLANDO, FL – A bombshell study authored by Dr. Peter McCullough and other physicians and medical researchers was quickly censored within 24 hours after its publication because it showed clear evidence that the COVID-19 shots were responsible for many deaths. Out of 325 autopsies from various global locations, the study revealed the COVID shots directly caused or significantly contributed to up to 74 percent of those deaths.

The Lancet, a renown medical journal, published the study titled “A Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths After COVID-19 Vaccination” on July 5, 2023 on its “pre-print” site while the study began the months-long peer review process. However, The Lancet took less than 24 hours to remove it citing the study fell short of the journal’s “screening criteria” and that the study’s methods did not merit its conclusions.

Dr. McCullough, an internist, epidemiologist, and one of the most published cardiologists in America with more than 1,000 peer-reviewed publications to his credit, conducted the study with eight other researchers. The co-authors included senior research scientist in epidemiology at Yale University Dr. Harvey Risch, top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and former Department of Health and Human Services official Dr. Paul Alexander. The project was approved through the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health, and Dr. McCollough said the team used a standard scientific method known as the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses to evaluate the autopsies. Dr. McCullough stated this “standard search methodology” is something he has used his “whole career.”

Collectively, they reviewed 678 studies investigating possible causal links between COVID-19 shots and death and identified 325 autopsies meriting further investigation. The study stated each autopsy was “independently reviewed” by three physicians to determine the cause of death. The investigation revealed:

“A total of 240 deaths (73.9 percent) were independently adjudicated as directly due to or significantly contributed to by COVID-19 [injection].”

“Among adjudicators, there was complete independent agreement (all three physicians) of [injection] causing or contributing to death in 203 cases (62.5 percent).”

“The most implicated organ system [receiving fatal injury] was the cardiovascular system (53 percent)…”

“Most of the deaths occurred within a week from [the person’s] last vaccination.”

These results bear similarity to a November 2022 peer-reviewed study by leading pathologist Dr. Peter Schirmacher and other top German scientists. This study examined 25 deaths finding five of them likely died exclusively from the COVID injection and all five died within 20 days of receiving the injection.

According to Dr. McCullough, before The Lancet briefly published the study, it was rejected by both The New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association as “not a priority.” He noted that in the hours before The Lancet took it down the study had 30,000 views averaging about 20 views per minute.

Dr. McCullough has been censored before without a definitive reason. In October 2021, The Lancet’s publisher Elsevier retracted a different study he co-authored with molecular biologist Dr. Jessica Rose just days after it was published. The findings from that study showed myocarditis spiked in teenagers after COVID-19 injections. Despite being peer-reviewed, Elsevier never reinstated the study though it can be found through an internet archive.

Just as a federal judge ruled on July 4, 2023 in Missouri v. Biden that the government “pressured” social media companies to censor and suppress information critical of COVID-19 injections, Dr. McCullough and his co-author Dr. Risch think medical journals are subjected to that same external pressure.

Dr. Risch stated he believed their recent study was censored “at the behest of the Trusted News Initiative (TNI)” or a similar organization because of the study’s “strong evidence” that some COVID-19 injections have led to death. The TNI was founded in 2019 by the British Broadcasting Company as an “industry collaboration” between major news outlets and global technology companies such as Google, …and others for the purpose of combatting disinformation worldwide. TNI’s partners “alert each other to disinformation that poses an immediate threat to life…so content can be reviewed promptly by platforms, whilst publishers ensure they don’t unwittingly republish dangerous falsehoods.”

“[It’s] pure Government-directed censorship, even after the Missouri v. Biden injunction,” stated Dr. Risch.

Dr. McCullough noted their study is the largest summary of autopsies of COVID-19 shot-related deaths and its medical censorship speaks to the importance of their findings.

“They are trying to kill [the study] so the world doesn’t see the data,” he stated.

Fox News Headline:

Rachel Maddow: If You’ve Been Putting Off Vaccination, The Time To Do It Is Now.

Apocalyptic Excess Deaths Continue in Many Countries, Unremarked Upon by Media

The following from Our World in Data

Australia excess deaths
Canada excess deaths
UK excess deaths
Japan excess deaths
Post vaccine roll-out excess deaths
Data sources for above chart 1, 2, 3,  4. 

They KNEW “safe and effective” was a lie.

RFK Jr. was hollering this in March 2022. He appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast to discuss the latest Pfizer trial results:

~ 22,000 were injected with the Pfizer vaccine and 22,000 took the placebo (saline)…

~ Results showed the NNTV (Number needed to vaccinate to save one life) was 1 in 22,000…

~ The vaccinated group were 21% more likely to die over the next 6 months from all cause mortality…

~ The vaccinated group was 400% more likely to suffer a cardiac arrest in the next 6 months.

But instead of looking into what Bobby was saying, the mainstream media rounded up Kennedys, to trash their only relative worthy of the family name.

Problem is, Bobby was right.

Problem is they didn’t say “kind of safe and effective” or “mostly, we think.” They said “safe” then started giving it to 12-year-olds, then 6 MONTH OLDS. Pure, cold-blooded, deliberate mass murder. THEY KNEW.

Max Planck Institute Scientist Who Was Always Right: All Vaxed to Be Dead in 5 Years

This would not include saline receivers I presume which is a significant number. They needed control batches to compare who was dying and how fast. Prof. Cahill is one of the few dissenter doctors who actually worked closely with Fauci in the past and blew the whistle on him. Fauci framed an accusation that she had stolen a lab notebook which resulted in an illegal arrest. Her basic spiel has been the same. mRNA agents are not vaccines but toxic proteins which turn the autoimmune system against itself in multiple ways. 

Professor Dolores Cahill bio. and work

Slay News

Renowned Scientist: All Covid-Vaxxed ‘Will Die in 3 to 5 Years’

Frank Bergman May 1, 2024

“A world-renowned scientist and leading immunology expert has raised the alarm with an explosive warning to the public that everyone who has been vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots “will die within 3 to 5 years, even if they have had only one injection.”

The alert was issued by Professor Dr. Dolores Cahill.

Prof. Cahill has over 25 years of expertise in high-throughput protein array, antibody array, proteomics technology development, and automation.

The experience includes work on how proteins and antibodies can be used in biomedical applications, including in biomarker discovery, diagnostics, and personalized medicine.

She is the Professor of Translational Science at Conway Institute at the University College Dublin’s (UCD) School of Medicine.

With her research group and collaborators, she has achieved key breakthroughs in developing and demonstrating applications of high throughput array technology in biological, diagnostics, and medical research.

Prof. Cahill pioneered this research at the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Genetics in Berlin, Germany from 1996 to 2003 and holds several granted international patents in this vital field.

Since the Covid mRNA shots were rolled out in early 2021, Cahill has been sounding the alarm about the devastating impact they will have on public health.

Not only does Cahill think the shots are dangerous, but she warns that they will eventually kill everybody who has received one or more doses.

During an interview, Cahill explains how mRNA in the injections harms all recipients and acts like a ticking time bomb in the Covid-vaccinated.

After explaining how the shots impact human health, Cahill made this following chilling prediction:

“Everybody who has an mRNA injection will die within 3 to 5 years, even if they have had only one injection.””

Interview on Del Bigtree

Former Pharma Executive Says COVID and Vaccines Were a Department of Defense Operation

Children’s Health Defense

“The U.S. government’s COVID-19 vaccination effort is a biological weapon project run by the U.S. Department of Defense, according to Alexandra Latypova, a former pharmaceutical research and development executive.

The U.S. government’s COVID-19 vaccination effort is a biological weapon project run by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), according to Alexandra Latypova, a former pharmaceutical research and development executive with 25 years of industry experience.

Latypova, who oversaw compliance for more than 60 clinical trials, knows the regulatory standards pharmaceutical companies historically were required to meet before bringing a product to market.

“People misunderstand that this is just another instance of Big Pharma corruption,” she told Robert F. Kennedy Jr., chairman and chief litigation counsel for Children’s Health Defense, during an episode of “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast.” “It’s much, much bigger than that.”

Latypova said we have government reports describing the COVID-19 vaccines as a biological weapon. “I have a question to our government,” she said. “What is it that they’re exactly forcing on us?”

The DOD is “fully in charge” of the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials and the vaccine’s manufacturing and distribution, and it owns the vaccine “until it is injected into a person,” she said.

By creating a “pseudo-legal structure” over time that included Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and other transaction authority agreements — called OTAs — the U.S. government allowed the military to take over the distribution of vaccines without adhering to historical safety testing guidelines or product recall procedures.

According to Latypova, the notion that the COVID-19 vaccines met regulatory standards for safety and effectiveness was the “biggest lie that was sold to the public.”

“I am describing a very illegal structure that’s made legal on paper,” she said. “It’s unlawful. They — the government — are driving this.”

Kennedy agreed with Latypova and pointed out that OTA was designed to allow the Pentagon to quickly buy weapons and weapons systems without paying attention to any existing regulatory authorities.

Kennedy said:

“What they’ve done is they’ve taken that authority and they’ve applied it to the vaccines so they’re purchasing the vaccines under OTA as a demonstration product.

“It’s all a huge military operation and the involvement of the drug companies is a kind of window dressing.”

The DOD paid the pharmaceutical companies for their brand names so people would think they were getting something from Pfizer or Moderna — but all of the distribution and manufacturing is done by the military, Kennedy said. The pharmaceutical companies were brought in to put their name on it and then to pretend to do clinical trials, he said.”

World Famous Pathologist (Deceased) Delivers Presentation at EU Parliament Concluding COVID Vaccines to Blame for Large Numbers of Unexplained Deaths

Tweeted and summarized by @DrJohnB2

Professor Dr. Arne Burkhardt’s testimony at the International Covid Summit, European Parliament, May 3, 2023. Dr. Burkhardt taught at the Universities of Hamburg, Berne and Tübingen. He published more than 150 scientific articles in international scientific journals, and has audited and certified institutes of pathology.

Dr. Burkhardt died in May of 2023, weeks after giving this presentation.

Full Presentation: How COVID Vaccines Kill You, Immune Self-Attack: Pathologist Dr. Arne Burkhardt, EU Parliament 2023. (View at Rumble)

Child slaughter. UK Children had a nearly 2,000% higher mortality rate among two-dose vaccinated children than unvaccinated, and over 4,000% higher mortality in three-dose vaccinated, between January 2021 and May 2022

Below Source: The Expose

Crippling COVID injection reactions (view in Rumble)

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