All the Vaccines, Lockdowns, Masks, and Social Distancing Have Made the World Worse

Two weeks to stop the spread and flatten the curve turned into the worst draconian nightmare most people could imagine.

We were told about how terribly affected people were, but yet we saw nurses twerking on Tik Tok while citizen journalists filmed empty hospitals. Almost every illness and death was labeled as Covid in order to make the virus seem super scary. Then came the hand washing, disinfecting, social distancing, business closures, masks, double masks, vaccines, and the rest.

Now people are actually really getting sick. They have been poisoned with fear, with stress, with loneliness, with disinfectants, with too much carbon dioxide, with nanoplastics and bacteria from their masks, and now with the mRNA vaccines. Are they just looking to cull the herd with immunity from prosecution? Whoops, who would have known that an mRNA vaccine would be so devastating?

Think about it, if all these measures that the “top scientists” in the world had advised actually worked, shouldn’t we be seeing things get better? Well, I would argue that all the measures have done exactly what they were intended to do. This was never about getting people to be healthy. That was never their agenda at all.

We always knew the truth about this plannedemic here. Besides us “conspiracy theorists” who are easily dismissed in the eyes of the masses, any actual doctors and real experts in the field who tried to warn the public about lockdowns, vaccines, or masks were quickly shut down by the Silicon Valley oligarchs, who themselves have no expertise in contagious diseases, besides of course being able to stop “viral hate” (as they put it).

Of course the solution to rising “cases” that the psychopathic rulers offer is more vaccines, lockdowns, masks and social distancing. They blame the continued rise in cases on vaccine hesitancy, people letting their guard (and masks) down, and businesses not operating responsibly enough. They insist the problems obviously caused by ZOGs (Zionist Occupied Governments) around the world can be solved by more ZOG intervention.

The only way to bring this crisis to an end is for the people of the world to take off their masks, come together (closer than 6 feet), and create a “herd” that is immune to the bullshit of our “chosen” overlords. A single bull can be jabbed by the matador and taken down, but a whole stampede could make quick work of the covid controllers.

If they want to think of us as goyim cattle, fine, but if they mess with the bull, they will get the horns.

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