Americans Are So Stupid If Some Benevolent Soul Did Not Tattoo This Side Up On Their Females Belly’s, They Would Not Have Children

The Closet homosexual atheist Communist Lincoln

killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union in 1861 replacing it with a Marxist Mandatory Military Dictatorship

thinly disguised as a contstitutional republic in 1861.

The American sheep still bleat of America being the “Home of the brave and the land of the free.

The Americans fighting in a war which can be justified and was not a pre-planned Rothschild’s Usury war

was last when the Confederate side defended their country, homes and families against an illegal invasion by terrorist

Today the American sheep who do not understand “presidents” are chosen by the sheep’s owners, then the sheep are allowed the illusion of “electing which hand puppet sits in the chair behind the desk in the Monica Full Service office in the big white Cat House in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac are debating which of two child raping treasonous bastards is going to “save” America from the two pedo’s same Master.

Cousin George and I were talking early this morning in the deep dark quite of the night.
He expressed his sorrow instead of fighting for years, watching his handful of Americans with a set of balls suffer so much as they marched barefoot, without proper food, weapons or even blankets as the congress made themselves and their ball-less butties who did not serve rich, he wished he had just paid that fat English King the damned tax on his morning Tea!

The Ole Dog!


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