America’s universities have become totalitarian gulags run by racist lunatics and extortionists






(NaturalNews) America’s universities have become totalitarian gulags filled with fascist students who don’t even realize they’re fascists. They have become a mockery of themselves, demanding “tolerance” while openly shoving, threatening and condemning others in the most intolerant way possible.

They demand “justice” yet they’ve become extortion operatives who are now increasingly making ridiculous monetary demands from universities they attend.

They claim to be “victims” of racism, yet time and time again, nearly all the claimed racism events they tout as proof of racism turn out to have been fabricated by the students themselves.

They claim to be attending universities to achieve an “education,” but their classes largely consist of indoctrination programming that merely reinforces their twisted views on reality while teaching no actual knowledge or practical job skills.

Above all, these college students still don’t realize just how ridiculous and idiotic they appear to everyone else. They behave like little children screaming for mommy and daddy to protect their “safe spaces” from the horrific exposure to “mean words” that they don’t like.

Underlying all this insanity is a very real racist agenda to destroy white lives, evict white students from “safe space” events, to eliminate white faculty and to reduce admissions for white students. At every level, the college insanity now infecting America has become a racist, fascist PURGE.

Here are three articles from across the independent media that you need to read to fully understand the idiotic, fascist movement invading America’s college campuses right now.

From Ben Shapiro at Mizzou Misérable: Here’s What These Fascist Student Protesters Are Actually Demanding

They came wearing Uggs.

The incipient fascists of the campuses are on the march from University of Missouri to Amherst College to Smith College to Claremont McKenna College. Their communist allies are on the march at universities across America, demanding that others pay for their tuition. If this is America’s future, as Ronald Reagan once told student protesters, I’ll sell my bonds.

The kiddie Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is in full swing. One the one hand, we’ve got the Pantywaist Fascists too timid to handle “microaggressions” but just aggressive enough to call the cops for hurt feelings, the racists who ban white students from their “safe spaces,” and their weak-kneed allies calling for “muscle” against reporters. On the other, we’ve got the intellectual flotsam of the Occupy Wall Street movement, insisting that the one-percenters at the banks that grant loans now hand that money over for free so that they can use it for their vital degree in gender studies and their concentration in lesbian dance theory.

What does this alliance of radicals fight for? Let’s take a look at their program…

From Robert Oscar Lopez at the American Thinker: Universities Have Become Totalitarian Gulags:

The modern American university has become a taxpayer-subsidized left-wing gulag. In it, dissenters such as myself can be subjected to Stalinist show trials, spied on, and threatened with loss of livelihood for espousing dangerous ideas or associating with political pariahs. If Republicans continue to moan about “liberal bias” and “losing the culture wars” without mustering the courage to do something about it – à la Ben Carson’s stoppage of funding or Glenn Reynolds’s abolition of aristocratic loopholes for Ivy League tithing – then the whole notion of higher education is going to be lost.

I have glimpsed the future that awaits the whole country if the Equality Act is passed. My university – which I have nicknamed Gaslight University – has charged me with “discrimination” against gays and women. I suggest that you check out the article by Peter Fricke (or this one or this one or this one or this one or this one). If moved, you are always free to sign the online petition posted by a British academic or the online petition posted by Ruth Institute president Jennifer Roback Morse.

Everything you’ve heard recently about universities shredding the Constitution is unfortunately true…

From Blake Neff at Amherst Activists Demand Reeducation For Students Who Celebrated Free Speech:

A group of protesters at Amherst College in Massachusetts has released a set of demands that include punishing students who produced a poster celebrating free speech by subjecting them to reeducation for the sake of “racial and cultural competency.”

In response to ongoing protests at the University of Missouri, which saw an attack on journalists Monday trying to cover the event, some students at Amherst this week put up small posters on campus. The posters read “In memoriam of the true victim of the Missouri protests: Free Speech (1776-2015),” and included a short “eulogy” which reads as follows:

Who is constrained by the invisible barriers of our generation’s safe spaces.

Censored for the open forum of non-conflicting opinions.

Trod upon to build a community of comfort.

And violently persecuted for a safer, less vitriolic world.

Let us honor the life of the first amendment, and the heroes that it protected:

Journalists, Educators, Philosophers, and Free Thinkers everywhere.

The poster never mentions race, and ends with a short quip “If you want to protest this sign, feel free. Because that’s why the First Amendment exists.”

But Amherst activists want to do far more than protest. They want the people responsible for the poster punished, along with those responsible for producing signs which said “All Lives Matter.” A coalition of more than 50 campus groups held a “sit-in” Thursday night, which led to them producing a lengthy list of demands that includes punishing anybody who made the signs…

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