Australian 2010 Federal Election

Looks like Australian Labour Party shot themselves in the foot when they got rid of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and replaced him with Julia Gillard.

For once in Australia’s history we had the most competent Prime Minister.. and they turn around and get rid of him.

I wonder what Government would be like if we all started living off the earth and not needing to pay any taxes..We need to break down this bogus Democratic Government, that has never been for the people.

I don’t think Australia should be kept in the dark ages, therefore I do not want the Liberal Party to win.
They do not like spending money on infustructure etc.. they prefer to keep Australia suppressed.
By suppressing the Australian people, it keeps the Liberal Party on top..

They Liberal party only spend tax payers money to bogus companies who are run by their fat cat mates..

When Kevin Rudd went into office he found so many John Howard Liberal Party rorting scams and bogus company contracts that showed billions of dollars that had been trasfered to these bogus companies…

Ex prime Minister John Howard should of been behind bars for this type of fraud and profiteering.. anyone else would of been in jail for alot less..

The election campaign has taken a new turn, with former prime ministers John Howard and Kevin Rudd both joining the political fray to savage their foes.

Mr Howard, who has kept a low profile so far, resurfaced to launch a stinging attack on Prime Minister Julia Gillard at a Chinese-Liberal Party fundraiser held in the Sydney seat of Bradfield last night.

While introducing Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, Mr Howard spent much of the time criticising the Government and Ms Gillard.

“I thought that she was meant to fix the boat people issue, I thought that she was meant to fix the mining tax and I thought that she was going to respond to the greatest moral challenge of our generation and that is climate change,” he said.

“She has been a total failure and in my view an even bigger failure than her predecessor on any of those three issues.

“Nothing offends me more than her casual approach to meetings of the National Security Committee of Cabinet.”

“The five of us, the senior ministers of my government who sat on that committee, we regarded it as a rare privilege, not a discretionary pursuit.”

Joining Mr Abbott publicly for the first time since the campaign, Mr Howard says the Government “wastes money” and “falsely claims credit for saving Australia” from recession.

“I’ll tell you why – Australia emerged stronger from the downturn than any other country in the world because it entered that recession stronger than any other country in the world,” he said.

Mr Howard also says the justification for installing Ms Gillard as Labor leader has come unstuck.

“The whole justification for Julia Gillard’s unprecedented installation as prime minister has fallen to the ground and what she has demonstrated is… that this government at its core is an incompetent government,” he said.

Mr Rudd was also in attack mode yesterday afternoon while backing his leader in Brisbane.

“I can’t be silent while knowing Mr Abbott has opposed those measures which kept Australia out of recession,” he said.

“There is a real danger at present because of the rolling political controversy about myself that Mr Abbott is simply able to slide quietly into the office of the prime ministership.”

Mr Rudd said he “can’t abide” Mr Abbott being prime minister after the Opposition Leader once said climate change was “crap”.

He also said he could not let Mr Abbott “tear down” Labor’s major policies such as the hospitals takeover and the National Broadband Network.

“I honestly do not believe that he is up to the job of being prime minister of Australia,” he said.

“We’ve got to finish that work rather than have it chopped up halfway through.”

Howard’s values

Like his political mentor before him, Mr Abbott attacked Ms Gillard at the Liberal fundraiser.

“The real Julia … thought so much of Kevin Rudd that she was the agent of his political assassination,” he said.

“And [she] now thinks so much of Kevin Rudd that she wants him to come back in to the campaign and save her Government, which is visibly failing before our very eyes.”

After praising Mr Howard as “the best prime minister Australia has ever had”, Mr Abbott said a Coalition government “will be informed by great example and the enduring values that John Howard brought to the leadership of this country”.

While greeting each other earlier at the dinner, Mr Howard said quietly to Mr Abbott that the campaign was “going really well” and “the day had been all about K-Rudd.”

Earlier opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey said Mr Rudd’s re-emergence into the election fray is “nonsensical”.

“I don’t know whether it’s a Rudd-Gillard government or a Gillard-Rudd government,” he said on ABC TV’s The Drum.

“If Kevin Rudd is such an asset to the Labor Party, why did they knife him a few weeks ago?”

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