Big Pharma Shill Sale: Can The Nobel Prize Winning Miracle Drug Ivermectin Damage Fertility?

BigPharma is exposed.

BigPharma is desperate.

BigPharma wants truly effective, safe and inexpensive repurposed drugs to be all but impossible to source.

There have been some recent rumors that Ivermectin somehow damages fertility; with a smalltime Substacker disseminating much FUD of late about this miraculous Nobel Prize winning drug.

Another Substacker referenced said FUDster in her article; to wit:

One Video Lists Many Fertility Damaging Properties Of Ivermectin: What Can We Conclude?

The article was ratioed hard, and we will get to these comments shortly.

But first, let us review the actual adverse reactions of Ivermectin, none of which include fertility.

In an article entitled, Safety of high-dose ivermectin: a systematic review and meta-analysisthe following was discovered:

The systematic search identified six studies for inclusion, revealing no differences in the number of individuals experiencing adverse events. A descriptive analysis of these clinical trials for a variety of indications showed no difference in the severity of the adverse events between standard (up to 400 μg/kg) and higher doses of ivermectin. Organ system involvement only showed an increase in ocular events in the higher-dose group in one trial for the treatment of onchocerciasis, all of them transient and mild to moderate in intensity.

In other words, the only adverse reactions with extremely high doses of Ivermectin were temporary ocular events.

In fact, Ivermectin is so safe that one can’t even suicide from it, no matter how high the dose:

Can You Overdose on Ivermectin? Dr. Pierre Kory’s Answer Will Shock You


AUGUST 17, 2023

by The Vigilant Fox “Of all the harmful misinformation spread over the past couple of years, one of the most disturbing false narratives was targeted at the Nobel-Prize-winning, human medicine ivermectin,” expressed filmmaker Mikki Willis in his ground-breaking documentary titled,

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Therefore, it would be impossible for a drug like Ivermectin to in any way negatively impact fertility.

What we are witnessing currently is that certain individuals are attacking Ivermectin due to ignorance and/or shilling for BigPharma; they are purposely ascribing fertility damage to a drug that has a radically safer profile than even aspirin.

The reason is quite simple: this is a coverup for the slow kill bioweapon “vaccine” adverse events, which, as per real data, unequivocally shows decreases in fertility, increases in miscarriages, surges in turbo cancers, and unprecedented excess mortality.

Ivermectin reverses and attenuates much of this “vaccine” damage; therefore, certain BigPharma shills and ignoramuses are most conveniently blaming said adverse events on the very drug that works as an actual cure; in other words, yet another scientism reality inversion campaign to once again attempt to discredit Ivermectin.

Since its approval for human use in 1987, billions upon billions of doses of Ivermectin have been administered, and the trend for human population growth since that time has actually increased, in no small part due to this very drug curing all types of parasitic infections.

This global population growth was steadily increasing since 1987, and then the PSYOP-19 scamdemic was deployed, which, incidentally, did exactly nothing to slow said population growth; BUT as soon as the Modified mRNA “vaccines” were forced upon the world is exactly when global population did in fact start to decline.

This Substack has been diligently tracking excess deaths and adverse events since the “vaccine” rollout:

From Turbo Cancer to Sudden Cardiac Mortality to Excess Non-Covid Natural Cause Mortality: The Never-Ending Adverse Events of the “Vaccinated” & The Global Depopulation Program


JULY 9, 2023

Yesterday this Substack reviewed the latest cardiac mortality data: A few days before that, this Substack reviewed the latest cancer data: Today we tie these terrifying trends together by reviewing the latest data on excess non-PSYOP-19 natural cause mortality:

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Looking at the most recent data, we can conclude that the “vaccines” are driving population declines across all demographics, especially now the young:

And a more granular analysis:

The Counter-Narrative Zombies and BigPharma shills and/or junk science peddlers like Tim (Mis)Truth are attempting to obfuscate the real cause of death, destruction and infertility.

But the reality on the ground is rather obvious, with the likes of Naomi Wolf explaining that the U.S. birthrate is hitting record lows since the Modified mRNA rollout:

In technocommunist WEF-captured Canada we are witnessing the same:

During the “pandemic” Ivermectin use exploded, and yet in nations like Canada the excess death rate remained a steady 0.04% (same as previous years 2019 and 2018). When the “vaccines” were introduced, the excess death rate in Canada doubled to 0.08%!

In Uttar Pradesh, a northern Indian province, Ivermectin use went parabolic during the “pandemic,” and C19 deaths were nonexistent with exactly zero reports of any decreases in childbirths.

In Africa, the majority of its population regularly takes Ivermectin since the late 1980s, with no declines in fertility or population growth; in fact, quite the opposite has occurred.

But ever since the “vaccines” were foisted on the world, we have seen absolutely catastrophic global data pouring in, despite the various governments and their BigPharma, Mockingbird MSM, and Intelligence Industrial Complex coconspirators running interference and cover.

Which is why it makes perfect sense that the cure (i.e. Ivermectin) is now being blamed for the deaths, diseases and decimated fertility.

In the following article there are over 100 Ivermectin research studies cited, with not a single adverse reaction in any of them, not limited to fertility:

PetMectin: Pharmaceutical Grade Pure Ivermectin

Ivermectin is perhaps the single best treatment not just for PSYOP-19, but for the spike protein damage that is induced by the slow kill bioweapon injections. Since the rollout of the “pandemic,” ivermectin was savaged by the quisling MSM, the various illegitimate Federal government agencies and their CDC, WHO, UN, WEF, Rockefeller and Gates “nonprofit” …

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Readers of this Substack appreciate just how powerful Ivermectin really is:

Synergistic pairing of ivermectin and fenbendazole found HIGHLY EFFECTIVE at preventing and treating cancer


JULY 2, 2023

This Substack has recently written about the wonder drugs Ivermectin and Fenbendazole: As a combination therapy these two drugs offer a highly synergistic approach to curing a wide range of ailments from slow kill bioweapon injection damage to prion-based diseases to (turbo) cancers, etc.

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Who would you trust, Dr. Makis or someone like Tim (Mis)Truth?

IVERMECTIN and CANCER Part 2 – Treating Turbo Cancer – 7 new studies released in 2024 show Ivermectin works against CANCER – suggested PROTOCOLS for COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Induced Turbo Cancers

by DR. WILLIAM MAKIS MD Last year I published one of the most popular articles on Ivermectin and Cancer Treatment ever published, which went viral internationally: (Oct.2, 2023) – IVERMECTIN and CANCER, it has at least 15 anti-cancer mechanisms of action. Can Ivermectin Treat COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Induced Turbo Cancers? – 9 Ivermectin papers reviewed

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Circling back to the Substack article referencing the absurd Ivermectin disinformation/misinformation nonsense, here are some of the more astute comments:

And yours truly could not resist:

So, in honor of Tim (Mis)Truth and all of the other junk science peddlers out there using FUD to scare people away from miraculous life saving and utterly safe compounds like Ivermectin that not only do not damage fertility; but, rather, help save lives and increase the world population during a time of orchestrated global depopulation, please use code TRUTH20 for 20% off on Ivermectin, as well as Fenbendazole and Doxycycline.

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