BREAKING: World Leader Drops MAJOR Bombshell… Accuses Obama Of TREASON Live At The United Nations


A bombshell claim by Argentina’s President Christina Fernandez de Kirchener should have the Obama administration in deep trouble. The Argentina President has revealed that her nation had been approached by an Obama administration official and attempted to convince Argentina to “provide the Islamic Republic of Iran with nuclear fuel.”

Kirchner revealed that Gary Samore, a former White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction, visited Argentina and tried to persuade the nation to provide Iran with nuclear fuel back in 2010.

Kirchener said that Argentina requested this request in writing, as  that is protocol, and said she never heard from Samore again.

Samore admits to travelling to Argentina in 2010 but he is downplaying the importance of Obama’s attempt to get nuclear fuel for Iran.

Conservative Tribune adds:

In fact, Samore went on to explain how after Argentina balked at the deal, he subsequently approached France and Russia with a similar proposal in which Iran would send their low-enriched uranium to Russia, which would further enrich it before sending it along to France.

France would in turn finish converting the enriched uranium into nuclear reactor fuel, sending it back to Iran for its own use, ostensibly preventing the Islamic republic from weaponizing its uranium stockpiles.

This deal fell through as well, according to Samore, leading to the 2010 U.N. resolution that increased economic sanctions on Iran, ultimately bringing them to the bargaining table for the horrible deal Obama eventually worked out with them this year.

The White House has not responded to the potentially treasonous allegations.

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