British “government” Saying The World Must Accept WW3 because They Know Best, Now Admit They Were Full of S#it When They Made Folks Wear Dust Mask To Stop Transmission of Non Existent Virus

The British “government” which says they always know best and it is time to start WW3, bring back the draft, kill a lot of people and blow up a bunch of cities filled with civilians, just like the British “government did in WW2, now admits they were completely full of shit when they used Communistic tactics and police to bust the heads of anyone not wanting to wear a useless as teats on a boar hog dust mask which will not stop any virus known to man, to stop the transmission of a make believe virus no one in the whole wide world has scientifically identified, isolated, purified a reproducible sample of the mythical SARS-COV-02 “virus” said without any real scientific proof to cause an imaginary illness caused by a non existent virus and tested for by a PCR process the inventor said should never be used as a stand alone test.

Health officials in the United Kingdom have confessed that the medical-grade masks the government pushed on everyone during COVID are completely useless at protecting people from disease.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) published a report covering an investigation into the most popular medical-grade masks that people used during the “pandemic,” including the N95, KN95 and FFP2 models that public health authorities said would prevent COVID “droplets” from spreading.

Scientists looked at a total of 4,371 studies about COVID, not a single one of which addressed the effectiveness of N95 and other equivalent face masks. In fact, at the conclusion of the investigation, researchers were unable to find a single piece of usable scientific evidence to back the wearing of a medical-grade face covering for protection.

But you can still believe them when they tell you they always know best and are always right so humanity must except the start of WW3.

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