Bush speechwriter and Christian neocon Peter Wehner whines about The Donald for “Jeb!’s” fake Republicanism in the Jew York Times

Bush speechwriter and Christian neocon Peter Wehner whines about The Donald for “Jeb!’s” fake Republicanism in the Jew York Times


“Mr. Trump is precisely the kind of man our system of government was designed to avoid, the type of leader our founders feared — a demagogic figure who does not view himself as part of our constitutional system but rather as an alternative to it.

Neocon creep Peter Wehner

Neocon creep Peter Wehner…all lies really

“I understand that it often happens that those of us in politics don’t get the nominee we want, yet we nevertheless unify behind the candidate who wins our party’s nomination. If those who don’t get their way pick up their marbles and go home, party politics doesn’t work. That has always been my view, until now. Donald Trump has altered the political equation because he has altered the moral equation. For this lifelong Republican, at least, he is beyond the pale. Party loyalty has limits.

“No votes have yet been cast, primary elections are fluid, and sobriety often prevails, so Mr. Trump is hardly the inevitable Republican nominee. But, stunningly, that is now something that is quite conceivable. If this scenario comes to pass, many Republicans will find themselves in a situation they once thought unimaginable: refusing to support the nominee of their party because it is the best thing that they can do for their party and their country—Peter Wehner, former deputy director of speech-writing for President George W. Bush.

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Trump is a huge fan of REAL Israel (i.e., an Israel that’s prepared to endorse a return of the Jews to their messiah Jesus Christ); and he’s probably being raised up of God to provide military support for the remnant of true tribal Israelis who’ll face satanic persecution after converting to Christ in the land of Israel during the biblical apocalypse.

Trump will support Israel, but he won’t lie for Israel and has already said that he will work well with Putin and endorse US spying on Israel. Peter Wehner Admires Neoconservatives and Lies for Israel.

Wehner is also a denier. He denies the fact that ANTICHRISTIAN Israel is a huge violator of human rights! America needs a real negotiator like Trump in all of her foreign policy. Not just with Putin but with an Israel that isn’t yet willing to recognize the rights of Jewish converts to Jesus Christ in the Middle East. Wehner’s denigration of Trump and neocon lies are putting everyone’s lives at risk…


“[Antichristian] Israel is the wonderful shining exception to human rights violations in the Middle East…” yeah right…


It's not hard to see who the one who's really "unhinged", is it Jeb boy

It’s not hard to see who’s the real bozo that’s “unhinged”, is it Jeb boy… Adios Jeb aka Jose…

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