Can We Really Trust the Benghazi Emails Released by Obama?

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May 16, 2013




The Obama administration has released 100 pages of emails concerning the investigation in Benghazi.

President Obama offered this to the public after reports surfaced that there was a blackout on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) warning that there was an al-Qaeda threat.

Michael Morrell, deputy director for the CIA released a memo with lines redacted wherein the CIA warned about Islamic extremists. This censorship was approved by the US State Department.

In the emails, the “talking points” begun by UN Ambassador Susan Rice were outlined. The CIA apparently approved the information before Rice spoke to the press.

In fact, the emails show that CIA agents were arguing over the details to be presented to the public on the attacks.

Former CIA Director David Petraeus wanted this fact to be made public, according to the emails.

The Obama administration hopes that this admission will quell the public and the press’ inquiries into exposing this incident.

Certain media outlets want to reduce this issue about Benghazi to a push-and-pull between the Republicans and the Obama administration; claiming that with the release of the emails, the Republicans do not have their “conspiracy theory” to attack Obama with.

Other reports claim that there is a difference between Obama saying act of terrorism and “acts of terror” or “act of terror” with regard to the attack at Benghazi.

Jay Carney, press secretary for the Obama administration, said that: “Republicans who were leaking these emails that have been shared with Congress didn’t just do that, they decided to fabricate portions of an email and make up portions of an email in order to fit a political narrative. I’m not surprised by it because we’ve seen it again and again,” he said. It “reinforces what we’ve seen, which is an ongoing effort to politicize this, to cherry pick information, or in this case make it up to fit a political narrative.”

Mainstream media explained the confusion accounts “apparently differs from how sources characterized it to two different media organizations.”

An email to Jake Tapper, correspondent for CNN, reveals that “then-Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes appears to show that whomever leaked it did so in a way that made it appear that the White House was primarily concerned with the State Department’s desire to remove references and warnings about specific terrorist groups so as to not bring criticism to the department.”

Reports suggest that Obama kept the truth about Benghazi from the public because of the al-Qaeda connection and the implication that he was not keeping the American public safe from a terroristic threat.

The actual cover-up regarding Benghazi continues because neither the US government, their agencies, nor the mainstream media is willing to address the real reason Benghazi happened in the first place.

The gated-villa in Benghazi that was rented by the Department of State where J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed is still being referred to as a US embassy. The nearest US embassy is located in Tripoli.

However, the best kept secret is that Stevens was conducting surveillance missions for the CIA on the National Transitional Council (NTC), the defacto-government installed by the US after the assassination of Gaddafi, and their Salafi extremist ties which lead to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Stevens was conducting arms deals with the NTC while simultaneously spying on the NTC for the CIA. This was a true nature of Stevens’ diplomatic missions which were sanctioned by the DoS.

Some of Stevens’ deals for arms can be realized in the artillery and weapons being funneled to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Syria who are fighting the proxy war for the US. Stevens became the “liaison” between US-sponsored terrorist factions and the movement of arms to Syria to assist the FSA. And this is the reason Stevens was murdered.

Shipments to the FSA have come from Saudi Arabia where the Salafi terrorists originated and the PoS is used to further subversive interests. Thanks to the US, the Saudi government and Stevens, the FSA are the most heavily armed state-sponsored jihadist group in the Middle East.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was responsible for diplomatic security, and denied Stevens’ request. And in response, there was an order from the US government to disarm the US Marine Security by refusing them live ammo while allowing them to keep their guns.

Clinton, not wanting the Saudi connection to become common knowledge, and knowing that Stevens was directly involved in arms trade deals between the NTC and the Saudi government to arm the FSA in Syria paved the way for Stevens to be murdered.

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