Christian Cucks Help Mestizos Invade, Are Shocked by the Invasion

The insidious jewish machinations to destroy White homelands take many terrible forms. The consequences of this multifaceted kosher nation wrecking are easily observable in a once-prosperous land called California that was not so long ago 90% White. Now, after a generation of drinking deep the jewish poison of multi-culturalism and diversity, roving packs of feral Aztexican monsters terrorize a cowed, spiritually dead population while cucktian church leaders bleat insipidly about the acceptance of degeneracy, miscegenation, racial displacement, and “loving your enemy.” The churches promoting the semitic mind-virus of christianity, after aiding and abetting the mestizo invasion of California, are now being devoured by the morlocks they were so complicit in inviting into a formerly safe White homeland.

In Kabbalafornia, the functioning, healthy Whites are dead or fled. The remaining Whites are self-hating victims of a lifetime of talmudvision anti-White indoctrination and jewniversity brainwashing. In a land abandoned to the depredations of the rat-faced men and their shabbos goy stooges, the violent Aztexican primitives quickly turn on their erstwhile cucktian benefactors. Instead of “turning the other cheek” as the peddlers of jewsus’s toxic message are wont to exhort others to do, the cucktians have run whipped and whimpering to the police for protection from their own jungle monster congregants. This is the dark, sewage-brown future that awaits once the cucktian mind-virus enters the maturation phase, and the jewish plans for White genocide go unopposed.

Pastor Kenneth Little knew the family renting out the church’s property across the street long before the violence began. When they were younger, the tenants’ children sometimes walked over to Ebenezer Baptist Church to help out with small tasks and attend Bible study.”

The judeo-christian cucks take in some feral cubs from a dangerous and predatory species of animal: the mestizo. Despite studying the (((wholly Babble))), being given endless groveling appeasement and welfare, the genetically determined mestizo malfunction violently manifests as they mature.

They were good at first,” he said of the tenants in L.A.’s South Park neighborhood.”

Who could have guessed that putting colonies of primitive savages from a failed, dysgenic branch of humanity amongst unsuspecting, brainwashed, apathetic Whites could go wrong? As it turns out, H.G. Wells’ Time Machine didn’t have to travel very far into the future after all.

But over the last year there have been problems at the property, according to police, who say it has become a stronghold for the predominantly Latino Playboys gang. Little said that the shootings at the site during church services have spooked congregants, and he has had to cancel Bible study sessions.”

Good christians, natural conservatives, or just maybe violent alien invaders.

It’s either a cucktian church property, or an Aztexican gang stronghold. The church of moral equivalency didn’t much care until the shootings disturbed the sermons about spiritual cancer, White replacement, and cuckoldry. They told us that accepting these alien, nightmare creatures was the “right thing to do.” Believing this lie at first was foolish, continuing to believe it in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary is a conscious decision toward suicide. Somehow after all that Babble study, the Aztexicans formed a vicious gang named after a (((porno))) magazine. What would jewsus do? Roll over and die most probably, if history is any guide.

In an effort to curb the violence, the city recently filed a nuisance abatement lawsuit against the church, alleging that the Playboys gather daily at the Avalon Boulevard property and engage in criminal activity. Over the last year, according to the lawsuit, there have been five shootings at the site, as well as illegal narcotics and weapons sales.”

When foreign invaders the color of a bowel movement are involved, the amazingly expensive and inept law enforcement leviathan lurches impotently into tragically laughable action. The best our corrupt government can do is file a “nuisance abatement” because apparently the noise from the shootings, and narcotics and weapons sales, is disturbing the neighbors. Maybe next they’ll hand out some parking tickets or cite the latino Playboys for jaywalking. Just off the top of my head, here are a few approaches that might work better than nuisance abatements: arrest the savages for any number of the obvious felonies they have committed from attempted murder, to drug and weapons trafficking, to conspiracy. Or maybe grow a backbone and use the infamous asset forfeiture laws to seize the “Playboy stronghold.” Of course, all that presupposes that our ZOG doesn’t want these bipedal biological weapons running rampant through our formerly safe White homelands.

In September, a person standing out front was shot and killed. In March, two people in the property’s parking lot opened fire on a truck carrying rival gang members. And from December to April, undercover agents purchased 20 illegal firearms, three silencers and 122 grams of methamphetamine there, according to City Atty. Mike Feuer.”

Never mind all the evidence of actual crimes, like murder, gang warfare, and peddling meth.  These things are just “nuisances” when marauding mestizos do them, says the Kabbalafornia government. The real problems must be all that White privilege and the incredible people shortage afflicting California that the rat-faced men keep telling us about!

This is an extremely dangerous situation for everyone in the community, from church congregants to the kids that go to the neighboring schools and park,” Feuer said. “We hope to work with the church to eliminate the source of danger and make this a neighborhood where people can conduct affairs safely every day.”

The situation is even more extremely dangerous for the survival of the White race. Funny how the dysfunctional violence between rival packs of squat, sullen Aztexicans wasn’t a problem when we simply kept them out of our homelands. Needless to say, the solution being offered by the good goys to work with the same (((church))) that has been tirelessly importing these feral genetic throwbacks into our society for decades is worse than doing nothing.

The remedies, he said, include evicting the tenants and fencing off the property. The lawsuit also asks for an Internet-connected video monitoring system and better lighting on the site.”

Still no mention of actually arresting the people who are using the property as their gang headquarters, and committing the numerous, formerly serious felonies there, or arresting the tenants for abetting the crimes.  These false promises to build walls and fences to protect us from the mestizo monsters seem to never get old. I predict that building a fence and video monitoring system at the Playboy gang stronghold will be about as effective as our porous, undefended southern border. Instead of fencing off the property as a crime scene, relegated to the status of urban blight, this problem will only be solved by the re-establishment of White homelands that defend their borders and sovereignty from foreign invaders.

Cucktianity is the creed of tolerance and acceptance, the creed of offering your exposed neck to the most rapacious and primitive aliens from the darkest corners of the globe, the creed of self-abnegation. The judeo-christian useful idiots are terrorized by the alien invaders they themselves have brought into our societies, yet they relentlessly clamor about how “more needs to be done” and how more invaders need to come in. If we are to succeed in stopping the jewish orchestrated White genocide, we must convince our people to quit their obeisance to a religion created by jews; the same jews who, in Protocol Number 4 wrote: “[I]t is indispensable for us to undermine all faith, to tear of minds out of the goyim the very principle of Godhead and the spirit, and to put in its place arithmetical calculations and material needs.” The current cucktian mania with providing for the material needs of every non-White who extends a grasping paw, and importing the most low-IQ and violent of them into White homelands certainly has nothing to do with Godhead and the spirit, and everything to do with the ultimate destruction of the White race.

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  1. Gwen says:

    As the daughter of a German who lived through WWII and a Mexican mother, I find this article incredibly distasteful. My grandmother from Mexico looked as white as any white woman. You are alienating people like myself who would otherwise support your views. I am against Zionism.

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