Dangerous Increases in Ultraviolet Radiation Measured in California

Deadly Ultraviolet has increased, by 500% to 3800%, in only 13 years. The high UV explains why the whole planet is dying. This video shows measurements of sunlight, and proof of the increase in deadly UV.
Chemtrails, and Ionospheric Heaters, are blasting holes in the protective Ozone Layer, hundreds of times, every day!

In 2002, the ratio of dangerous UVB to “normal” UVA was LESS THAN ONE PERCENT (0.6%). Since then, the UVB has increased to a possible 42%, as shown in the video. This explains the rapid extinction of plants and animals, all over the planet.

Scientists in every country, must confirm this data, and work to arrest the criminals, who are behind these programs.

Here are the measurements, shown in the video ( the units are milli-watts per square centimeter):

Instrument______UVA____UVB____Ratio (%)___Increase from 2002 (%)
Solarmeter_______5.0____0.34_____6.8____­______1033 (10 times)
Sp. DRC-100H____3.0____0.7_____23.3_________­_3789 (38 times)
Olec Accumeter__6.05 (both measurements were UVA, My Bad!)
National Bio._____ 4.5___0.17______3.8__________529 (5 times)
General Instr________total A+B = 9.53

Instrument_______________UVC (micro-watts/cm2)
Spectroline DM-254N____________400_____________
Aquafine Relative_________greater than zero_____
Blak-Ray J225____________(44 – 41) X 500 = 1500

  • To quote a 2002 research paper, from the Indian Journal of Dermatology: “The highest peak UVB irradiance recorded was 40.2µw/cm2 in April and the highest peak UVA irradiance recorded was 6.59 mW/cm2 in July [Table – 1].”
    (UVB/UVA ratio = 0.0402/6.59 = 0.61% The UVB peak in April is because UVB and UVC are higher when there is a thin haze of clouds)
  • ” In a French study, in Paris (48 degrees North) the maximum UVB irradiance of 15 µw/cm2 and UVA of 5.4 mW/cm2 was observed at noon in early July.”
    (UVB/UVA ratio = 0.015/5.4 = 0.28%)
  • “At Coimbatore (India, 11 degrees North and 77 degrees East) the maximum UVB irradiance recorded in July at noon was 32.5 µW/Cm2 and UVA was 6.42 mW/cm2.”
    (UVB/UVA ratio = 0.0325/6.42 = 0.5%)
  • The 2002 Indian paper says that UVB drops twice as fast as UVA, as the sun sinks lower on the horizon, so the summertime ratio is going to be HIGHER, than mid October!!!
  • Here is the 2002 Indian research paper, which measured the 0.6% ratio:
    “UVA and UVB in sunlight, Optimal Utilization of UV rays in Sunlight for phototherapy”
  • Here is a 2011 research paper, saying the ratio is 5% in Kuwait: http://www.researchgate.net/profile/N…
    (Why was the measurement done in the Middle East, and not in the USA? Could the Pacific fleet of Ionsospheric Heaters have anything to do with that???)
  • This video was made in Texas, when no Ionospheric Heater activity was showing on the weather maps. The closer you are to the ozone holes, created by jet stream control operations, the more UV you will have.
  • I predict California will have much higher UV, than the readings shown here, in Texas. To see why, please watch “PROOF of Hurricane Control, Bahamas, Bermuda, oct 2015” https://youtu.be/GtHwHdnnvt8
  • Here is a NOAA video, showing dying coral reefs, in October, 2015. Notice the worst areas are in the eastern Pacific, right where the Ionospheric Heaters are used on an HOURLY basis. This is more evidence, that NOAA is hiding the weather racketeer’s extortion/extermination program. Their video blames hot water for killing the coral reefs. Well, how about killer UV? Why no research on that??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI6UP…
  • Our planet is being deliberately killed. Please forward to anyone who can help!
  • Errata – at 3:18, I mistakenly said UVC, when I meant UVA.
    Both measurements using the Olec Accumeter are inside the UVA range, so total UVA is the two readings added together: 4.25 + 1.8 = 6.05 (Thanks to a paid troll for pointing this out! They actually can serve a positive function sometimes, lol)
    I will have these errors fixed, and some new meters, in my next video. Sorry for any confusion!

Source Article from http://chemtrailsplanet.net/2015/10/19/dangerous-increases-in-ultraviolet-radiation-measured-in-california/

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