“Devil” or “Satan” Worship, Witches, Wizards, Symbols and Spells

First, all the symbols, number meanings are ancient.
The six pointed star was ancient before Solomon put it on his shield.
Depending on how your use it or which organization is translating the meaning, it represents two triangles imposed on the 12 unit Zodiac.
God above, man below.

It is used as a symbol of man.
Head, two arms/hands, two legs and his male shaft.

The five pointed star represents woman, she does not have a male hang down.
As such it also represents death and rebirth, the cycle of life.

The Swastika An ancient cosmic or religious symbol formed by a Greek cross with the ends of the arms bent at right angles in either a clockwise or a counterclockwise direction.

It is a good luck or peace with nature symbol found in many different cultures to include cliff paintings from ancient American cultures.

It was used in many cultures in ancient times before the it was used as the emblem of the Nazi party and of the German state under Adolf Hitler, officially adopted in 1935.

The long cross represents man standing with their legs together and arms out.

The Maltese cross with four marks in it’s corners represent God or the Sun, with the four marks in one meaning representing the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Another use is to show birth (spring), Adult hood (summer), becoming old (fall) and death (winter).

The Celtic cross is the long cross with the circle showing femininity as the giver of life and the four eras of life, birth, growing into adult hood, the fall of life and the winter of life when death in old age comes.

The Roman religion’s four stations of the cross was taken from these ancient symbols.

The Roman religion also had Jesus the Christ crucified on a cross for symbolic reasons.
The Romans were efficient.
There is no need for a upper cross bar piece to crucify someone.
Waste of material, time and effort when it is not needed.

A long cross with circle at the top represents man with their legs together, showing the feminine on top giving life, or the circle of life.

Egyptian cross

With “devil” or Satan” worship, those doing so are ignorant want to be malcontents.
They do not even understand the beings they are trying to worship.

All the symbols they use are meaningless perversions of an ancient language which used symbols when many could not read and the symbols could be recognized by peoples who spoke a different language.

Use of these symbols bring no power.

The same with witches and wizards using such symbols in their spells.
They bring no power.

If you go messing around on the dark side looking for evil, evil will find you.
Just enough things will be caused to happen to make one think they are gaining power to get them hooked like a fish taking the bait.
To get them possessed by evil demons or spirits.

Then evil is in charge, not the human which went looking for dark powers.

Different “secret” organizations or “mystery” schools have slightly different meanings or interpretations of every symbol.
None of the Mystery Schools or religions invented these symbols.

It is like theology.

I studied theology at a Baptist university.
My friend studied theology at a Catholic university.

We both agree if one gathered the top theologians from any one branch of the Roman Christianity religions, not mixing them, Baptist with Baptist, Catholics with Catholics, Church of Christ with Church of Christ, Methodist with Methodist, they would agree on a few main points.
Then the arguing about the meanings of the different Scriptures would start in earnest.

The symbols are just an ancient universal language of the history of man.
When a person seeking evil turns a pentagram upside down, it is a sign they are rebelling against God, against nature.

This brings them no power, but lots of suffering and sorrow.

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