DIRTY TRICKS: 26 Minutes-U.S. Cut Off Japan’s Oil Supplies & Confiscated (Stole) Japan’s Bonds to INSTIGATE WW2

Comment:  U.S. Leaders Truman and Roosevelt worked with Satanic British Empire to Force Japan and then Germany into WW2 and Neither Country wanted war!  Then both defeated countries were degraded and prostituted to the U.S. with U.S. crime mob’s Military Bases Permanently installed in both countries.  U.S. is going to get bitch slapped in WW3 and in a WW3 scenario the American people are going to be the victims.  The United States has always invaded other countries for the Satanists, opened sovereign nations up to Satanic Exploitation and leaves their childrens to starve to death and die.  To tell the American people the truth is to be alienated and ostracized.  The fate of the Americans has thus been sealed by their WILLFUL IGNORANCE, Materialism and Psychopathy.

Gee Uganda needs the U.S. to save them from Terrorism ONLY after $12 TRILLION in Gold discovered!  My oh my!  The United States represents ONLY the Satanic New World Order and No One Else.  The United States has been the Military Thug for these Satanists for Far Too Long.


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