discoveries in Santorini about the Lost Atlantis

New 2020 discoveries in Santorini about the Lost Atlantis

The Discovery Channel featured a documentary showing that the lost ancient Atlantis may be the famous Greek island of Santorini. New finds indicating excessive wealth have been discovered in the Akrotiri area of Santorini.

discoveries in Santorini about the Lost Atlantis

Exquisite pottery shell and other objects found at the Akrotiri site in the 2020 dig. Credit: Ministry of Culture of Greece

The eruption of a volcano that took place in 1650 BC on the island of Strongyli wiped out the entire city of the island, which was part of the Minoan civilization. The great philosopher Plato, in his works “Timaeus” and “Critias”, describes the beautiful island that was so powerful that the inhabitants became too narcissistic and the gods decided to destroy it as punishment. He also describes that they even attacked Athens with their fleet, but were repulsed.

The “Blowing Up History” series from Discovery Channel supports the theory that Santorini may be the lost Atlantis. The new finds are amazing artifacts found in the Akrotiri area. Researchers are still exploring even more treasures of the past that were buried there.

discoveries in Santorini about the Lost Atlantis

The prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri on the island of Santorini (Thíra) is one of the most important sites in the Aegean. In prehistory it was a well connected Minoan port town, with connections to mainland Greece and as far afield as Egypt and Syria.

The island’s civilization flourished 3000 years ago until the island was completely destroyed by the volcanic eruption, but researchers claim that the civilization there existed thousands of years before that. Since its discovery in the 19th century, more and more objects, paintings and buildings have been discovered, proving that there was a rich culture. As Plato described “These paintings represent a paradise of colors, flowers, and animals. They are elements of a highly developed and rich culture.” No other ancient writer has described the lost Atlantis, and thousands of historians have attempted to locate the mythical island. However, the fact that Santorini disappeared due to the eruption of the volcano leads many to believe that this is the lost Atlantis, according to the documentary.

discoveries in Santorini about the Lost Atlantis

The island of Santorini (ancient name: Stronghili). The volcano which blew up 3,000 years ago was in the center of the caldera, with the explosion leaving only the outsides of the mountain extant, as we see today. Credit: px fuel/Satellite image

The massive eruption is considered one of the largest in the last millennia and created a 20-mile cloud that rained ash on countries 200 miles from Santorini like Egypt. The documentary says that ancient writers described how the ash cloud plunged the world into darkness and caused a global winter for 2 years.

It is known that Plato borrowed some of his stories from earlier times and oral traditions, and it cannot be proven that Santorini is certainly the mythical lost civilization of Atlantis. However, there are many indications that the rich culture of the island, with its cobbled streets, ornate houses and strong army, can show us where the lost Atlantis is.

Discovery Channel documentary:

Source: Greekreporter

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