Dr. Michael Yeadon: I No Longer Trust ANY Product of the Biopharmaceutical Industry

I regard big pharma as enemies of humanity and must be put out of business for good.

JUN 9, 2023

By Dr. Michel Yeadon June 9, 2023

I recently saw a survey of views about c19 vaccines and about all vaccines, probing levels of trust and confidence. I went further than most.

I no longer trust ANY product of the biopharmaceutical industry. Not merely because a handful of companies have either manufactured deliberately injurious gene-based injections or allowed “vax washing” of military products by use of their familiar brand names. Though either is bad enough and means senior management was ok with deliberate poisoning of the entire population of the world.

No, the irretrievable loss of trust extends from the evident willingness to commit global-scale crimes against humanity to the total failure of regulatory agencies, which we had hitherto entrusted to evaluate, regulate and inspect and therefore keep reasonably honest in this industry.

At its best, scientists and doctors have discovered new insights into some diseases and invented new treatments for those conditions. As a rule of thumb, manufactured pharmaceuticals which are mechanistically based upon natural products which have been used by humans for long periods of time contain a high percentage of genuinely useful products.

Opioid relievers of strong pain are life-changing. I am myself a regular patient for such products, the need for which arose directly from two incidents of medical incompetence/negligence extending back 30 years in my life. We also know that these drugs are inherently addictive and so must be used with care.

Local anaesthetics derived from natural products like cocaine revolutionised dentistry and trauma management (sutures in external wounds). Several classes of antibiotics, mechanistically based on self-defence chemicals made by fungi in their eons-long battles with bacteria, save lives every day. They’re overused not only in humans but also in farm animals, which is reckless because it’s the ideal way to breed multi-drug-resistant strains.

We’re unlikely to get any new classes of antibiotics. We’ve found no new template antibiotics in many years. Anti-inflammatory corticosteroids have wide applications in particular in lung and skin. The list is longer but excludes many psychoactives, lipid-lowering, many antidiabetics, and more.

I don’t like drugs which target intracellular receptors and enzymes because they’re usually rather likely to have many unwanted effects. Numerous anti-cancer drugs. The medicines regulators of the world are ALL in a failed condition. They’ve all been hopelessly compromised and I don’t think they’re recoverable in their present form.

Yet it’s upon them that we place trust to ensure we get transparency of clinical & non-clinical data, not allowing drugs with bad risk/benefit profiles onto the market. Just look at these alleged vaccines. Numerous people in the evaluation and regulatory business knew, from before these emergency use authorizations were granted, that they must be harmful. They couldn’t possibly have been properly manufactured let alone shown to be safe and effective in the time available.

You all know my position is that there could never have been the slightest consideration of vaccines for this alleged new illness, even if there’d been a new pathogen. How can I now trust any medicines regulator to keep the manufacturers are keeping within the tramlines of approval and to only approve suitable medicines?

The recently approved anti-virals are a case in point. Ten years ago, if I’d seen the regulatory submissions, I’d have told you that there was around a zero percent chance they’d secure widespread approvals. I’m a little off-topic but left to my own devices, I’d abolish branded pharmaceutical companies and say there’s a moratorium on new drug approvals for at least five years, with a view to extending such a ban. I’m not convinced that what’s come through in the last decade (vaccines aside) is a net benefit to humanity.

I’ve not become fully anti-allopathic drugs but I do think we should pay much more attention to selecting the best 10% of generics and ensuring we manufacture these to very high and consistent standards in each country or group of countries.

I regard big pharma as enemies of humanity and must be put out of business for good.

It can be done legally just as the robber barons saw their monopolies dismantled. I’m not naive and I don’t think that’ll happen any time soon. But I can dream.

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