Eight most SHOCKING ways people’s health goes straight downhill once they get sick

(NaturalNews) It seems impossible that every single prescription medication causes health detriment, but there’s a reason pharmaceutical companies are some of the richest, most powerful entities on planet earth.

It seems unlikely that medical doctors can’t do much to heal the sick, but there’s a reason most of them make upwards of $350,000 per year pushing pills – and those are the very pills designed in laboratories by the aforementioned massively powerful pharma thugs.

It seems absurd to think that 97 out of every 100 people who get cancer and go into hospitals to be administered chemotherapy will get new cancers from that very treatment, all while thinking it could help them heal.

The trickiest part of it all is that prescription medications make you feel better in the short term, and that is the point; if you feel better temporarily, why would you not believe that you’ll get better in the long term? In other words, it feels like the doctor saved you, because your headaches are lessened, or your tumor receded. But maybe, just maybe, it’s all a placebo, and you just think it’s better because you swallowed or were injected with some “faith.”

Have you destroyed your good gut bacteria today? If so, your health could be heading straight downhill, and you may be enabling bacteria, viruses, parasites and pathogens to take a stronghold. Have you consumed pesticides today? If so, you are warping your cells, and the “bad guys” could be overwhelming the “good guys,” and that’s called cancer. Did you visit a “hostile” environment today? Superbugs are running rampant in doctor’s offices and hospitals, where the extreme overuse of antibiotics and the lack of clean instruments create more disease and disorder that spreads to the very sick who are there to be treated and heal.

There’s a new age of inflicted health damage, and it’s all occurring “under the radar” of the sheeple, who follow the masses and naively think there’s safety in numbers.

Bottom line: If there are chemicals in your food, or chemicals in your medicine, or doctors making obscene amounts of money treating you, you better get suspicious and start investigating the eight most shocking ways people’s health goes straight downhill once they get sick.

#1. Going to a doctor’s office, quick-care clinic or hospital immediately exposes the patient to other sick people, contagions, pathogens and, even worse, superbugs (bacteria and viruses that are immune to modern drugs).

#2. Antihistamines, whether prescribed or OTC (over-the-counter), shrink membranes and suppress mucus, leading to sinus and bronchial infections.

#3. MDs prescribe antibiotics for viral infections, which only kill the good gut bacteria needed for immunity. Or they prescribe antibiotics for bacterial infections that are already immune to those same antibiotics.

#4. Prescription medications. Nearly every prescription is chemical-based, adding to the overall acidity of the body and covering up symptoms of the true problem(s), all the while not addressing the root problem of the sickness at all.

#5. Eating more GMO food and drinking more fluoridated tap water. One of the quickest ways to kill good gut flora and deplete nutrients when you need them most is to consume chemical-laced food and water.

#6. Taking cheap, dead supplements that contain ground up rocks and “other” ingredients that often include talc, artificial sweeteners and other toxins. Good examples of these “vitamin” brands would be One-A-Day, Centrum and Equate.

#7. Nearly all medicines in syrup form, whether prescribed or OTC, contain artificial sweeteners, heavy metal toxins and chemical-based food dyes that create side effects that can be worse than the condition being treated.

#8. Getting injected with flu shots and vaccines that all contain some of the most deadly neurotoxins and carcinogens known to mankind, including shocking concentrations of mercury (thimerosal), formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate (MSG), human albumin and aluminum.

And now … how to actually get better fast once you get sick, and how to best prevent getting sick in the first place

First of all, since you previously had “faith” in faith-based medicine, aka Western Medicine, it’s time now to have some faith in medicine that’s been around and working well for millennia – and that’s natural medicine. Naturopathic physicians intensely study nutrition so that they can help you prevent, treat and cure diseases and disorders, nearly all of which are caused by chemical consumption in one form or another.

Step one: Never take chemical medicine for health problems that stem from chemical consumption. It’s just common sense.

Step two: Foster good gut flora by consuming mainly raw, organic produce and by drinking spring water (or clean, filtered water). If you need a good home water filtration system, the best on the market is the Big Berkey.

If you dare to be healthy, avoid injecting known neurotoxins and carcinogens into your muscle tissue. Yes, this means avoiding nearly every vaccine and flu shot. Sure, your doctor will be screaming just the opposite, but for the last time, how do you think American doctors and oncologists are so rich and keep their customers coming back for more, and more, and more treatment and chemical medicine?

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