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Just look at who makes part of this class, Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos.

Meet the 2015 class of Young Global Leaders (From WEF website)

From the world of business, the class of 2015 includes … Elizabeth Holmes, who dropped out of university to found blood analytics company Theranos, which now has a valuation of around $9 billion.

The juror in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial whose comments about his history as a sexual abuse victim may upend her conviction works at Carlyle Group.

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Unknown commented on “BODY DOUBLES, LOOKALIKES”

Hi Anonymous, 

The level of “reality modified” is set to go through the roof. We will look back on past and current quaint levels of fakery with a wistful nostalgia. This is now even old news… With machine learning techniques like Generative Adversarial Networks, we’ll have the ability to manufacture plausible photographs and videos of just about anyone doing or saying just about anything. 
Deep Fake techniques are now so effective that we need AI to distinguish between reality and simulacrum. And in the future, endless sand dunes of neuromorphic silicon, realities crafted at quantum atomic scales, a dark great sea of dreams. Fake realities. You see where we are headed… Your reality is soon to be eaten by innumerable unrealities. — You think I’m a replicant, don’t you? Look. It’s me with my mother.

There is a reported “authenticated secret German document” which lists Hitler as one of the plane passengers on 26 April 1945 from Austria to Barcelona.
Having thought about it some more, I don’t believe this could be an authentic document. If Hitler would have been on this flight, he wouldn’t have flown under his own name.

I consider the escape route by Kristiansand, Norway more probable than by Spain.

In April 1945, war was everywhere in Europe, and getting away going through war torn Europe wouldn’t seem the best route to take, so I consider going north to Norway more likely.
According to Abel Basti, an old Jesuit priest (a nonagenarian), who retreated to a monastery, confirmed to him that Hitler escaped through Spain before taking the submarine to Argentina.


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