From TUT :Yahweh’s Chosen Assassins–Ukrainian Jewish oligarch says he placed ‘death curse’ on Putin


The ‘Pulsa Denura’ ritual has previously been directed against at least three Israeli politicians.

ed note–several important ‘protocols’ to factor into this one…

First and foremost is to counter the ‘but, but, but…’ that is SURE AS SHINOLA to erupt from the usual suspects, meaning the various ‘experts’ on Judah-ism who will run to the defense of that ‘old time religion’ and make the fallacious claim that death curses are some ‘new’ innovation that has nothing whatsoever to do with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, Moses, Joshua, etc, to which we at this humble little informational endeavor respond with the simple, 2-word reaction of–

Bull Biscuits.

Killing people who find themselves sideways with ‘the tribe’–as the followers of Judah-ism like to refer to themselves–goes all the way back to the beginning of the affair, and by that we mean the Torah.

In Deuteronomy, Leviticus, and all the other ‘manifestos’ making up that black book of Judaic sorcery known as the Torah there is an entire list of minor ‘offenses’ for which the penalty is death, including picking up sticks on the sabbath.

Therefore, those trying to confuse the picture by saying that the Pulsa Denura described in this news story leveled against Putin is some ‘Talmudic’ thing and a blatant violation of the protocols of ‘authentic’ Judah-ism are engaging in the business of trying to gussy-up a pig by putting lipstick on it, which they do for a myriad of reasons, the most important being that they have invested themselves in the belief that ‘Jesus was a Jew’ and that Christianity is a ‘new and improved’ form of Judah-ism.

The other important ‘protocol’ to keep in mind is how empty and vacuous are the various statements/estimations on the part of many of these aforementioned ‘experts’ towards the person of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Someone unfortunate enough to find him/herself on the mailing list of some of these ‘experts’ will find the most bizarre and befuddling ‘analysis’ of the who, what, where, when, why, and how of Putin, many of these ‘experts’ making the completely baseless assertion that Putin is himself a member of ‘the tribe’ and a ‘secret Jew’ who is only pretending to be at odds with organized Jewry in order to fool the Gentiles, when in fact, he has been living under a Judaic death sentence from the very moment he became president and started jailing the Jewish oligarchs who rose to power under Yeltsin.

Remember as well that many of these same ‘experts’, in addition to making the claim that Putin is a Jew, also had the very same thing to say about a certain Donald J. Trump and who lent their collective hand in a very personal way to Trump’s defeat and the Apocalypse that is barreling down the tracks at us all right now at break-neck speed.


Ukrainian Jewish oligarch Hennady Korban has performed the Pulsa Denura ‘death curse’ against Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said Friday.

‘Pulsa Denura is a complex, difficult procedure,’ Korban said in an interview with Ukrainian Radio NV. ‘I am not a person who strictly observes rituals, although I am a believer. But I think that this fast somehow also influenced the fact that so far, [the central Ukrainian city of] Dnipro has not been hit. I want to knock on wood. I don’t want to jinx it, God forbid. Nevertheless, it is so.’

‘By the way, maybe this is irrational logic, but very often dictators such as Putin, Hitler and Stalin are very irrational in this regard and believe in many magical, mystical things,’ he said. ‘After all, we know from various chronicles that there were some shamans, astrologers and nontraditional healers under these people. Therefore, these people are very inclined to believe and are afraid of some mystical things.’

Korban said what he did was a ‘warning.’

‘I warned Putin. Let him think and draw his own conclusions.’

‘I warned Putin,’ he said. ‘Let him think and draw his own conclusions. In other words, Pulsa Denura is not just a procedure that you can start whenever you want. This is a procedure when you have to warn the enemy or person whom you want to subject to this procedure officially, so that he knows that such a procedure is being started against him.’

The Jewish businessman had warned that he would conduct the curse in mid-July, writing on his Facebook page, ‘Putin, if you hit Dnipro again, you will get a PULSA DENURA in response!’

Who is Hennadiy Korban?

Korban is a past business associate of oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, a former politician and a mining magnate who is famously belligerent. A member of the board of trustees of the Jewish community of Dnipro, Korban has spent millions on Ukrainian Jewry’s institutions and causes, as well as significant sums on beefing up Ukraine’s military capabilities against Russia. His sister Victoria lives in Israel, and their parents are said to be Israeli citizens. Korban is believed to hold Israeli citizenship. His Ukrainian citizenship has been revoked.

Korban was arrested in 2016 in connection with a $150,000 bribe that police said he had given to a judge. The investigation into his actions, which Korban has compared to an antisemitic blood libel, is ongoing.

The oligarch, who is also head of the territorial defense in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, had his Ukrainian citizenship stripped from him in July, with the official reason reportedly being that he held foreign citizenship. A petition calling for his citizenship to be restored has been signed by more than 10,000 people.

What is the Pulsa Denura curse?

The Pulsa Denura ritual is attributed by some to the kabbalistic text the Zohar or other Jewish mystical works, although multiple studies have found that the first instance of the curse ever being mentioned or used seems to be in the 20th century.

Although the Aramaic term Pulsa Denura does appear in the Zohar and other works, it is almost always used in a metaphorical sense to describe either education, protection or punishment, according to a paper entitled ‘Pulsa DeNura: The innovation of modern magic and ritual’ by Zion Zohar, a professor of religious studies.

The ritual is usually described as involving having at least 10 mystics gather at midnight after having fasted for three days straight. The mystics light black candles, blow a shofar and intone the curse before blowing out the candles.

Multiple versions of the text of the curse exist. The ritualistic actions often accompanying the curse resemble the actions often conducted in a herem (excommunication) ritual.

In the past, the Pulsa Denura curse was used by Israeli activists against former prime ministers Yitzhak Rabin, Naftali Bennett and Ariel Sharon.


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