Gearing Up For Another Utter Peanutbutter US “presidential” “election”-SEND IN THE CLOWNS

War is not needed to free humanity from the evil of the “elite” and their owned and controlled bitch political whores who make war on humanity.

They are few, you are many.
Just stop complying.
Stop listening to them.
Stop obeying their rules which steal from you your God Given Rights.
Stop helping them make slaves of your young.

Shun them!
Refuse to shake their hands.
refuse to be in the same room with them.
Show them you consider them a few steps below hammered pig shit.

Will they murder some of you trying to get you to accept their rule again.

They are murdering you now.

Fluoride in your water.

Herbicide and pesticide drenched GMO Frankenfood in your supermarkets.

Forced Killer Jabs for a “virus” which never existed and not one of the whores can produce a scientifically verified identified isolated purified stand alone reproducible sample.

Preplanned wars based on lies and false flags.

They make war against Mother Earth.

They spray chemtrails laden with microscopic particles of heavy metals which ends up in the soil, the rivers, on plants and in the lungs of animals to include humans.

Just tell em to


After they no longer have the power to oppress you, if you want to put them in re-education camps where you make them work to grow their own substance, so be it.

But I would suggest Nuremberg Common Law Tribunals.
Fair trials.
Fair hangings.

Examples must be made so future evil whores considering taking the 30 shekels to betray humanity decide they will not from the memories of thousands of political whores and bureaucrats shitting their pants as their necks snap.

This time instead of proving you are a gullible sheep, skip the “elections, go find one of the few circuses left, sit down, get some hot dogs and pop corn and watch the show put on by a better breed of clowns.

The Ole Dog!


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