Ghannouchi advisor: ‘Assigning Bouden to head government will not beautify President Saied’s coup’

Riyadh Chouaibi, political advisor to Speaker of Tunisian Parliament Rached Ghannouchi, announced on Thursday that assigning Najla Bouden to head the Tunisian government will not contribute to “beautifying” the exceptional measures imposed by President Kais Saied.

Chouaibi posted on Facebook: “In light of the implementation of Presidential Order No. 117, which suspended the constitution, gathered all powers with one hand and abolished all constitutional institutions, everything that results from it is invalidated.”

He added: “Condemnation of the coup and its arbitrary measures will not be mitigated by assigning a woman as it was done in violation of constitutional formulas, and since the government would not be subject to Parliament’s approval and oversight, and the political responsibility required of any democratic government would not be fulfilled.”

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He continued: “The continuation of the coup in the policy of escaping forward and from its legal and moral obligations to the requirements of the constitution and the protection of the Tunisian state deepens the crisis that the country is experiencing, and opens up a return to tyranny and dictatorship from its worst doors. All democratic forces, whether political, social or civic, must be aware of the consequences of going along with the coup or appeasing it, because of the disastrous effects it will cause to the country and on Tunisia’s internal and external interests.”

President Saied’s assignment to Najla Bouden to form a new government raised a widespread wave of controversy in Tunisia. While some have welcomed appointing a woman to head the government for the first time in the country’s history, others consider that the new prime minister will become a mere employee of President Saied, who took over all the powers in the country.


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