Global Research: More than 1.9 Million Readers a Month

Dear Readers,

Since 2001, we’ve been providing information, analysis and on-the-ground reporting of global events. Global Research has established an international network of authors, scholars and investigative journalists, to whom we are indebted.  

Global Research confronts mainstream media propaganda with carefully documented reports. Truth and honesty in reporting are powerful weapons. Our ultimate objective is to reverse the tide of war and social injustice and create conditions for the development of “real democracy.”

Last month we initiated our 2015 Global Research Fundraiser. We thank our readers for their continued support. 

An Expanded Global Research Readership

While we are not yet a “Mass Media”, our endeavors have paid off.  Our relentless efforts have contributed to a rapidly expanding readership. During the month of October, we had more than 1.9 million (unique) readers.

Global Research is currently among the 7654 most popular websites (all categories) in the United States. Our global rank is 12,809 out of a Worldwide total of more than 500 million active websites.

With close to two million readers a month, Global Research has developed over the last two years a regular online readership of several hundred thousand people, from all over the World.

In turn, we have more than 150,000 subscribers to our Facebook page, with a weekly reach between 500,000 and a million readers.

Consider Becoming a Global Research Member

We have been able to develop our activities thanks to contributions from our readers. To maintain our independence, we do not seek donor support from private or public foundations. Our commitment is to make Global Research articles available to the broadest possible readership, on a noncommercial basis, without the need for a login for paid subscribers.

While our commitment is to make GR news and analysis available free of charge to a broad international readership on a non-commercial basis, our survival nonetheless hinges upon continued voluntary contributions.

Only a very small fraction of one percent of our close to two million monthly readers actually contributes to GR, either through a donation or by becoming a Global Research Member.

Becoming a member essentially constitutes an endorsement of the Global Research website. Global Research Members enable us to make GR articles and videos available free of charge to those who cannot afford to contribute, to the broadest possible readership.

We have various membership categories, starting at 5 dollars a month for seniors and students.

For those who can afford a larger amount, consider a Global Research Sustainer Membership at $200 dollars a year (or 20$ a month).

Visit our membership page 

If you are already a GR Member and/or Wish to Donate, click here to access our Donate page 

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