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The NWO Transition Event Overwatch

IMPORTANT INFORMATION (6 May 2024): My partner Onnabugeisha may have identified the reason the globalists are continuing to build towards a war climax this week: they are aiming for a big Tribulation-ending event on May 11-12…

5/10 (inclusive) – 5/11

• The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize (Wikipedia,  The Nobel Peace Prize 2009) was awarded to United States President Barack Obama. The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced the award on October 9, 2009, citing Obama’s promotion of nuclear nonproliferation and a “new climate” in international relations fostered by Obama, especially in reaching out to the Muslim world, 5328 days ago  -> Strong’s Greek: 5328. Pharaó: Pharaoh, an Eg. king 

5/11 (inclusive) – 5/12

• The Abraham Accords (Wikipedia) are bilateral agreements on Arab–Israeli normalization signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Israel and Bahrain on September 15, 2020, 1335 days ago

May 11 provides a numerological point of connection between Obama’s original “Man of Peace” Tribulation and Trump’s “Man of Peace” Tribulation, so it could serve as the day “commie antichrist” Obama reaches his peak moment, then succumbs to “Nazionist antichrist” Trump. In that case, May 11-12 may be the endpoint of a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario that starts on May 8-9.

We’ll look at the details a little later. But for now, here are some previous writings on these timelines (both of which feature ISIS)…

(from 28 August 2023) – The Obama “Man of Peace” Tribulation Timeline

Obama is declared the “Man of Peace” when his Nobel Peace Prize is announced on 9 October 2009
…and 1260 days later
Obama desecrates the “holy place,” the Church of Nativity, on 22 March 2013
…and 1290 days later
Obama’s Tribulation fails to end on 2 October 2016 (Erev Rosh Hashanah)

(from 28 March 2024) – The Trump “Man of Peace” Tribulation Timeline

It began on 5 April 2017 when President Donald Trump and King Abdullah II of Jordan held a joint press conference discussing ISIS: Trump – We will destroy ISIS and we will protect civilization. We have no choice — we will protect civilization. King Abdullah and I also discussed measures to combat the evil ideology that inspires ISIS and plagues our planet.”

This timeline reached its 1260-day midpoint on the date referenced in this note from Onna about the Abraham Accords…

• The Abraham Accords (Wikipedia) are bilateral agreements on Arab–Israeli normalization signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Israel and Bahrain on September 15, 20201290 days ago

The 1290-day climax point will be reached today, and the 1335-day positive event mark will be reached on Sunday, May 12, the day Israeli Memorial Day begins at sundown. Israeli Memorial Day is followed by Israeli Independence Day after sundown of May 13.

So this Tribulation timeline began in the first few months of “Messiah Trump’s” presidency with Trump pledging to defeat ISIS and save global civilization. It reached its midpoint as Trump made peace between Abraham’s Jewish and Muslim people. And it reaches its climax after “the Democrats stole the 2020 election and helped ISIS to rebuild their global strength under the leadership of Obamakhenaten.”

Remember that there is no need for a “desecration of the holy place” event at the midpoint of this timeline because Obama already did that during the first Tribulation attempt.


After some more thinking about how the globalists will narrate “the division of America,” I consider it likely that it will be something like this…

“After Trump erred in endorsing the division of Israel, God withdrew his protective hand from him and America and allowed their enemies to overcome them. This led to the Communist COVID Revolution, the fall and persecution of Trump, and the paralyzing political division of America. But now that Trump has repented from his mistake and Israel and America are very near destruction at the hands of Satan’s minions, God will once again anoint Trump to fulfill his destiny. Like Moses after his error, though, Trump will not live to see the victory he has worked toward.”

Here is Trump’s repentance…

…from the Chabad site

And here is what will happen after he “dies” / disappears and victory is achieved…

…from Breitbart and a previous (must read) update

CRITICAL ALERT (5-6 May 2024): Washington DC is/was marked for destruction on Monday, May 6 or Tuesday, May 7

It should be noted that almost all of the occult cues that apply to today also apply to Tuesday the 7th. And on Tuesday the 7th, the Kabbalists have arranged this at “the scene of the crime of the election theft”

Tuesday, May 7, 2024: The President will deliver the keynote address at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Annual Days of Remembrance ceremony at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.

Additionally, the day counts that would lead to the arrival of the Fake Jewish Messiah still work if they start on Tuesday, so this alert is now extended to include both Monday and Tuesday.

~ from yesterday – 5 May 2024 ~

I’ve already written about the plans the Kabbalists have/had for Monday (see the 3 May update below), but some new information has come to light that confirms those plans with an exclamation point…


  1. Donald Trump sat as President of the UN Security Council to conduct a meeting about NUCLEAR NON-PROLIFERATION
  2. The reconstructed Arch of Palmyra — the original Arch was DESTROYED BY ISIS — was put on display in WASHINGTON DC…
  3. And Donald Trump met with Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN and endorsed a TWO-STATE SOLUTION for settling the Israel-Palestine conflict…

This information (and its numerological connection to Monday) was included in the notes my partner Onnabugeisha just sent me. Here they are…

Numbers5/5 (inclusive) – 5/6

• The Artemis Accords (Wikipedia) is a series of non-binding multilateral agreements between the United States government and other world governments that elaborates on the norms expected to be followed in outer space. The accords are related to the Artemis program, an American-led effort to return humans to the Moon by 2026, with the ultimate goal of expanding space exploration to Mars and beyond. Signed: 13 October 2020,  1301 days ago  -> Strong’s Hebrew  1301. Baraq: “flash of lightning,” an Israelite leader

Numbers5/6 (inclusive) – 5/7

• US President Donald Trump presides over a meeting of the Security Council on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (UN NewsYouTube: United Nations) and simultaneously a reconstruction of the Arch of Triumph in Palmyra, Syria was unveiled in the National Mall, Washington D.C. (The Institute for Digital Archaeology). In addition to that, Full text of Trump-Netanyahu: ‘I like 2-state solution. You heard me, right?’ (The Times of Israel) -> the Division Of the Land [Joel 3:2]. Date: 26 September 2018, 66 months, 6 weeks [Number of the beast: 666] or 2050 days ago Strong’s Greek 2050. erémósis: a making desolate  -> as in Matthew 24:15 So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination of desolation,’ described by the prophet Daniel (let the reader understand) 

• The International Holocaust Remembrance Day (Wikipedia) was designated by United Nations General Assembly resolution 60/7 on 1 November 2005, 966 weeks days ago

• Mossad (Wikipedia), the national intelligence agency of the State of Israel. Formed: 13 December 1949, 3882 weeks ago. Strong’s Hebrew: 3882. Livyathan: “serpent,” a sea monster or dragon; Leviathan (Wikipedia)

• 1st BRIC summit (WikipediaBRICS portal) – The inaugural BRIC summit took place in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The four heads of government from the BRIC countries attended: Lula da Silva (Brazil), Dmitry Medvedev, (Russia), Manmohan Singh (India), Hu Jintao (China). Amongst the important issues discussed were United Nations reform. Date: Tuesday, 16 June 2009, 777 weeks ago

• Steve Jobs (WikipediaAstrodatabank) – Born: Thursday (Thor’s day), 24 February 1955 at 7:15 PM (after sunset Google Search), 606,600 hours ago [Number of the beast: 666Gematria: Steven Paul Jobs = The Beast System 4x]…

• Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Wikipedia), the 12th and current president of Turkey. Assumed office: Thursday, 28 August 2014, 505 weeks, 5 days ago. On the same day: Obama tan suit controversy (Wikipedia) -> Strong’s Greek 5055. teleó: to bring to an end, complete, fulfill or Hitler received the number 555 (Wikipedia

• Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Wikipedia Astro databank), the 12th and current president of Turkey. Born: 26 February 1954 [at 04:25 AM – unverified], 70 years, 70 days old. (If the smaller units (days) are added first). 

• 2018 North Korea–United States Singapore Summit (Wikipedia), was a summit meeting between North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump. Date: 12 June 2018, 308 weeks ago -> the 38th parallel (Wikipedia) [A line of national division].

Later, I’ll be adding some context to all this. But for now, know this…

Operation Blackjack “conducted by ISIS+MAGA” using “proliferated nukes” is/was the plan for Monday, and it’s scripted as “God’s judgment to divide America for trying to divide Israel.”

NOTE (4 May 2024): Onnabugeisha’s notes on Sunday the 5th are now up. And after looking at some of them and doing some checking, I found that there is a setup in place for killing off Pope Francis tomorrow or on May 8. They laid the symbolic groundwork for it during his trip to Venice last Sunday, and it reads like something out of a Dan Brown novel.

His staged death tomorrow could be used to schedule a papal funeral for May 9 or 10 and a hit on Rome the night before. And his death on May 8 can be part of Operation Blackjack or be used to schedule the funeral and the Rome hit on May 12-14, the days of Israel’s Memorial Day and Independence Day.

We’ll look at the symbolism of his trip to Venice a little later.

~ MORE ~

Onnabugeisha has found occult cues that could be used as the basis to script a tsunami attack tomorrow — possibly on Gaza, possibly on Greece, and possibly involving the “Turkish Antichrist” (but blamed on the Russians).

(4 May 2024) – All day yesterday, the Drudge Report displayed occult signalling that verified what is/was planned for 28 Nissan…

Reader Sohei noted that in the graphic of the Statue of Liberty, the number of rays on her halo had been changed. The actual statue has 7 rays, but the Drudge graphic showed 9. This was a timing signal for May 9. And the rest of the graphic showed what New York would look like on the 4th day, May 9, after the Three Days of Darkness run on the 6th, 7th and 8th.

They’ll probably fall back to another time window now. But if they do go for it on Sunday-Monday, the only way New York and Israel would be saved is if they run a 4-day scenario that ends with Trump or Pence’s arrival with the Space Force on the 4th day.

(3 May 2024) – The Next Opportunity for Kabbalist Mischief, 28 Nissan

In order to forestall any deadly and unnecessary lead-in actions over the weekend, today I’ll jump ahead to the climax date of the “New Battle of Jericho,” 28 Nissan (sunset of Sunday the 5th to sunset of Monday the 6th).

You may remember that on 22 Nissan (Passover Day 8), the IDF got their “marching orders” to symbolically begin their “Encirclement of Jericho. And the climactic Day 7 of that encirclement falls on 28 Nissan. Well, upon looking at the day counts coming out of Monday the 6th (Jerusalem time), I’ve found that it’s a good day for the Kabbalists to script a historic reversal for the Israelites: the collapse of Israel’s walls (specifically its missile shields by means of an overwhelming attack)…

So as you can see, Monday is a perfect fit for their plans. Big trouble definitely is/was planned for 28 Nissan, but now they can draw an “X” over that date (“X” for “Xorro”)…

(2 May 2024) – Joe Biden’s trip to Wilmington, North Carolina today was not listed on the weekly schedule put out by the White House on April 28; it was added the next day. And it is a remarkably short visit, with Air Force One being scheduled to arrive at 3:55 PM EDT and depart at 6:05 PM — just 2 hours and 10 minutes of ground time. So the trip seems less about getting any actual work done and more about putting Joe Biden in this specific city on this specific day, and my partner Onnabugeisha’s research has uncovered the specific reasons why…

President Joe Biden to visit Wilmington (WECT News) On Thursday, May 2, the President will travel to Wilmington, North Carolina, to discuss how his Investing in America agenda. 

Wilmington, North Carolina (Wikipedia) -> Wilmington massacre (Wikipedia) was a coup d’état and a massacre which was carried out by white supremacists on Thursday / Thor’s day, November 10, 1898, exactly 6547 weeks ago -> Strong’s Hebrew: 6547. Paroh: a title of Egypt kings, Pharaoh; Gematria: Wilmington, North Carolina (Wikipedia) = Kamala Harris becomes president 2x, president Thomas Jefferson 2x…

…from Gematria Effect News

THIS SPECIFIC CITY: They chose Wilmington because it was the site of “a coup d’état and a massacre” by “insurrectionist white supremacists like MAGA.” And what is/was planned for today is a staged “MAGA+Islamist+Russian suitcase nuke” attack by water. It would involve an Artemis rod striking the Cape Fear River next to the Wilmington Convention Center where Biden will speak, triggering blast effects and a tsunami wave to massacre all the people gathered there. The explosion would be attributed to a small waterborne nuke carried by a boat / water taxi or a surface / subsurface drone (like the ones used by Ukraine to attack Russian ships – 1,2 — keep in mind that Ukraine’s war effort would benefit from this hit)…

…from Google Maps and Nukemap

There is also a fallback possibility of an Artemis strike on the ocean next to the city, which would generate a tsunami and be blamed on a Russian nuclear torpedo. Wilmington sits only 43 feet above sea level.

THIS SPECIFIC DAY: On the occult side, the timing of the attack connects to Pharaoh Obama of Modern-Day Egypt,” which is significant given that today is Essene Second Passover and Orthodox Maundy Thursday (the day that commemorates Jesus’s Last Supper — A PASSOVER SUPPER). So today is another Passover that is scripted to bring “Messiah Trump’s Last Supper” before the feds try to arrest him after Orthodox Good Friday begins in Jerusalem (after 5:00 PM EDT this evening).

Here are a few additional factors that contributed to the Kabbalists’ script for today…

  1. When the forces of the Washington government came to seize Wilmington during the Civil War, the attack came by sea and up the Cape Fear River. If you pair this with the fact that the Kabbalists are sending Biden to speak right beside the River, you can see why I’m expecting a waterborne attack.
  2. Today is April 19 on the Julian calendar, and it should be remembered that April 19 on the Gregorian calendar was the date of another supposed “far-right white supremacist” bombing: the Oklahoma City Bombing

    …from Wikipedia. If they go through with today’s attack, the Wilmington Convention Center will likely resemble the bombed Murrah Building.
  3. For the reasons stated in the previous days’ updates below, today is a good day to script the opening of the Gate to Hell, the beginning of the 4-day Three Days of Darkness (after Jerusalem enters May 3 at 5 PM EDT), the beginning of the 40-day Fire Judgment, and/or the beginning of the 150-day Torment of Humanity.

I have much more information about today, but not enough time and energy to get to it all. But this coverage should suffice.

~ later ~

Although the lead-in event in Wilmington today failed to materialize, it doesn’t necessarily mean the main event has been abandoned. Remember that an occult 72-hour (3-day) nuclear warning was issued on 22 Nissan (Monday-Tuesday), and we are now in that 72nd-hour window. 25 Nissan began in Jerusalem at 12:20 PM EDT today, and it won’t end until 12:21 PM EDT on Friday. This means at least one “nuclear” explosion could still take place in that timeframe somewhere and kick off the sequence of events outlined in yesterday’s update below.

(1 May 2024) – Today on “Commie Christmas,” Joe Biden will be at the Mayflower Hotel in DC and Kamala Harris will be in Jacksonville, Florida (speaking about abortion). A staged “MAGA” hit is scriptable on either one, which would allow an Obama or Clinton to slide into the VP slot (unconfirmed by Congress) before the 72 hours come to “nuclear” fruition on Thursday. Details to come.

~ MORE ~

Here are some quick notes on what could come out of the assassination scenarios of today and tomorrow…


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