Harald Kautz-Vella Speaks Morgellons

My name is Julie Telgenhoff, Creator of A Sheep No More. I am a sufferer of Morgellons symptoms and this white fiber bundle came from my body after I used a 60X magnification scope.

Harald Kautz-Vella Speaks Morgellons

This video contains another possible discussion on the development of Morgellons inside the human body from an independent scientific researcher based in Germany named Harold Kautz-Vella.  

Harold Kautz-Vella takes a deep dive into the many bizarre and novel symptoms surrounding the subjects of Morgellons syndrome and the effects of it on the human condition.


These fibers came from my own body under a 60X magnification scope. Image: Julie Telgenhoff

Harold covers topics such as chemtrails, fungus, nanotechnology, cluster topology, pizeo electric nanocrystals, nanotags, spiritual attachments and many other subjects related to this scourge we have come to call Morgellons.

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2 Responses to “Harald Kautz-Vella Speaks Morgellons”

  1. joe blow says:


    You should be recommending to EVERYONE the video

    EUROPA The Final Battle

    Thats truth in history. Amazing details. Coming to Merica….bolsheviks!

  2. Skarlet says:

    I love YHWH God, Jesus, and the Israelite people. I’m not sure why this site seems to have a fascination with Jews.

    That being said, I am a morgellons sufferer myself, and this is valuable and true information. I have seen it myself under a microscope.

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