Hezbollah strikes Northern Israel with four rockets, destroying key IDF base

The Hezbollah militant group in Lebanon has hit and possibly destroyed an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) base in Northern Israel with four small ballistic missiles.

Footage circulating all over social media proves that the Biranit military base, located around a kilometer away from the Lebanese border, was extensively damaged. One popular video circulating shows a building on fire. (Related: Lebanon’s Hezbollah says it is “prepared and ready” to join the war against Israel.)

The IDF itself has confirmed that rockets were fired at the base and have also blamed Hezbollah for the incident, although Israeli sources are trying to downplay the situation by merely claiming that the base was “damaged by rocket fire.” There were no reported injuries in the attack.

Separate Hezbollah strikes also targeted the communities of Arab al-Aramshe and Bar’am, seven miles to the west and six miles to the east of Biranit, respectively.

The IDF responded by conducting strikes on supposed Hezbollah sites in southern Lebanon using fighter jets and combat helicopters flying across the border and tanks and artillery pieces firing from Israel into Lebanon.

Hezbollah has more rockets that could strike Israeli targets

Hezbollah confirmed in a statement that it successfully hit the Biranit military base in two separate operations with a total of four Burkan rockets within a 20-minute interval.

The statement also noted that the strikes were conducted in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to affirm Hezbollah’s support for their resistance amid the perceived Israeli aggression.

The Burkan is an Iranian-designed and Syrian-manufactured short-range rocket with a range of up to 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), with a warhead that can weigh between 100 to 500 kilograms (220 to 1,102 pounds). They are launched from pedestal launchers originally designed for mortars and converted into ballistic missile launchers. Hezbollah reportedly first used these rockets in the mid-2000s.

The Burkan is officially classified as a “heavy rocket,” a type of missile characterized by a substantial warhead capable of causing significant damage to targets at relatively short ranges, typically up to 10 kilometers.

Israeli and international sources alike have confirmed that Hezbollah has fired over a thousand rockets from Lebanon at Israeli targets since the beginning of the current conflict in Gaza in early October. The IDF has noted that there have been ongoing missile interceptions and continuous alarm sirens for civilians to evacuate to bunkers, as Hezbollah disruption operations have worked 24 hours a day in northern Israel.

In fact, on the same day that Hezbollah successfully struck the Biranit base, Israeli media reported that “25 missiles and artillery shells, in addition to a kamikaze drone, were launched from Lebanon” toward the city of Kiryat Shmona and the town of Margaliot, “causing damage to the places.”

The IDF also confirmed that “rocket-propelled grenades were launched from Lebanon” toward Kiryat Shmona and that at least three more suicide drones were intercepted entering northern Israel from Lebanon.

Hezbollah-affiliated sources claim that these strikes have caused over 1,500 IDF casualties.

Watch this video from “Military Tube Today” pointing out how easy it is for Hezbollah to target Israeli military troops and fortified positions along the Israeli-Lebanese border.

This video is from the channel The Prisoner on Brighteon.com.

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