This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanism Agenda” from the top. SPM

To understand how the “Soul” works in a Quantum Field and how it can be harvested you need to understand the “Mind-Body Problem”; the idea that the Mind (spirit/Soul) is separate from the body.

According to the dualistic theory, the Mind (or the Soul) is composed of a non-physical substance or spirit, while the body consists of the physical substance known as matter. This was the main issue in Quantum Mechanics because Dualism itself would interfere with Mind control and Mind uploading.

To bypass this, the NWO  introduced meditation practices within society whereby NON-Dualism was encouraged merging the body and Mind into ONE.  In other words where the spirit is part of your physical form. Such practices, under the guise of “holistic medicine” would sever you from your Divine Consciousness.

The same could be said for organized religion and group prayer as they too are “non-dualistic”. All of these practices would be compatible with a Quantum field and thus allow for Mind uploading. Why? Because being part of a “group” takes away your “Free Will.”

Modern versions of Dualism originate from Descartes‘ Meditations. Accordingly, bodies are machines that work on their own laws except when the Mind interferes with it to stop it in its tracks.  The Mind, which contains your “Free Will” interrupts the physical actions of the body.

Descartes believed the location of “Mind” was the pineal gland, mainly because it is not duplicated on both sides of the brain, so it was a candidate for having a unique, unifying function. 1

The pineal gland is a tiny organ in the center of the brain that played an important role in Descartes’ philosophy. He regarded it as the principal seat of the Soul and the place in which all our thoughts are formed. 2  Free Will, according to Descartes, is the sign of GOD in human nature, and human beings can be praised or blamed according to their use of it. People are good, he believed, only to the extent that they act freely for the good of others; such generosity is the highest virtue. 3

So does the Soul have “Free Will”? Your Soul allows you to exercise your “Free Will” free from compulsion driven by the “Collective Consciousness” or the “Hive Mind.” That is why many of us did not take the vaccine. Why we don’t take supplements lined with Graphene Oxide. Why we did not participate in political parties (they are all corrupt anyway). Why we did not follow the “Trucker’s Freedom Convoy” to Ottawa. These events were purposely orchestrated to “trigger” the “Collective”. Be weary of this and do not follow any organized group without researching their leaders first! 4

In this figure, “Spiritual Intelligence” SQ  is a product of your “Intellectual Intelligence” IQ and your “Emotional Intelligence”.

The Ego can identify with both the IQ and EQ in the form of perceptions, thoughts, emotions, memories, beliefs etc. Many refer to the “Ego” as your “Selfish Subconscious” since it drives your needs and desires. This is what pushes you into the “Collective” or “Hive Mind.”  The Ego has no Free Will.

However the “Soul” or your “Spiritual Intelligence” SQ can override your “Ego” by exercising “Free Will” free from compulsion. Why? Because “Free Will” is a product of your Soul’s intelligence (SQ). YES YOUR Soul HAS INTELLIGENCE AND YOU HAVE THE POWER TO  EXERCISE Free Will!

Overcoming “Mind Control” works the same way, if you are aware of what is going on your Soul can override Mind control!

You see, “Free Will” is “indeterministic” meaning that humans have the ability to make genuine choices and are not dictated by science or environmental influences such as the “Collective” or “Hive Mind.” Free Will is an action that is carried out through discernment or knowledge. The more you strive to find the truth around you, the better you will be at exercising your Free Will. Truth is the key!

The laws of Quantum Physics are also “indeterministic” implying they cannot  predict certain kinds of physical events such as “Mind uploading.” Simply put, they may not be able to upload everyone’s Mind, especially from those individuals that exercise a higher “Free Will” and understand that the physical body is indeed separate from the Mind or the Soul! Take my body, but my Soul goes to the Divine,  the Source, GOD!

Without “Free Will” our behavior would be predictable and governed by external factors making us somewhat akin to sophisticated machines! Therefore anything that would promote “non-Duality” of the “Mind-body” where your Mind and body are ONE, would bring us closer to the ONE. The Antichrist they seek in incarnating!

In the EQORIA MATRIX they are creating, humans are all grouped into the same category as animals and machines; without a “Soul” or “Free Will”.  In EQORIA there is no “autonomy”; there is no “me” there is just the “Collective.” In EQORIA there is no such thing as a family unit; there is just the “Collective.” In EQORIA there is no religion or GOD; it is a system based on “empirical” knowledge such as Science where you have been severed from the Divine! 5 6 7

Do you understand now why the “Duality” of your Mind and body is important? Those that have a near-death experience will attest to the Mind-body “Duality” and often speak of the Soul leaving the body, taking flight above their physical form and then returning. They might include meeting loved ones, living or dead, or spiritual beings such as angels or experiencing a bright light. 8

So what practices are the NWO minions promoting in order to merge the Mind and body into ONE (e.g. non-Duality)?  According to Gordana Vitaliano’s mentor Dejan Rakovic Consciousness can only be harvested if “non-Duality” of the  “Mind-body” exists which can influenced in three ways: firstly through the use of Western medicine (e.g. surgery, pharmaceuticals, supplements); secondly, through religion which inhibits “Free Will” by either altering our thoughts and behavior (e.g. we become a “Hive Mind”) or believing that everything is central to GOD’s Divine intention and not a product of our Soul’s Free Will; 9 and thirdly through the influence of  “non-Duality” meditational practices which act to unite the “Mind-body” into ONE. 10

According to physicist Dr. Drew Hempel, Dualism itself opposes Pythagorean mathematics and harmonics that were said to be corrupted and gave rise to Western Civilization along with what we call the “selfish subconscious” or the “Hive Mind” where we think and follow the group as a collective rather than think for ourselves. 11

Dr. Drew Hempel, has also investigated the origins of the MATRIX and talks about performing “shamanic-yoga nonDuality” which would combine your physical energy with your Mind energy, to give rise to THE ONE!  I would not agree as he doesn’t talk about the underlying mechanism that is actually creating the “entangled particles” in the first place driving your brain’s information/data directly into the Quantum field and then into their Quantum computers. He does not even look at the function of the Graphene Oxide interphase itself, the neural chip that your body has been growing for the past 3 years! No… there is no microchip but a biological neural lace that you have been infected with. And it is in practically everyone; vaccinated, swabbed or infected! 12

On an aside: Here at CIN we look at information and then try to decipher the truth. Here we have a physicist who has told us a lot of truth then encourages meditation based on “non-Duality” theories that would combine your “conscious Soul” with your “physical body” thus depriving you of “Free Will.”  So who is Dr. Drew Hempel? Well he was also an environmental activist that has worked with GreenPeace who we believe to be Controlled Opposition. 13

You will recall that George Soros was also studying the “Mind-body problem.” Why? The Mind-body problem” is the main argument for “Free Will” itself! Exercise “Free Will” by understanding the TRUTH of what is going on, then they cannot harvest your Soul! 14

It is sometimes claimed that Quantum physics proves the existence of the Soul due to some type of fluctuation in spacetime that would allow Consciousness to exist without a physical body, but no such fluctuation has ever been discovered or is even particularly suggested by Quantum theory. And as you will recall, the discussion between Bill Gates and Ray Kurzweil specifically states that the “Consciousness” they are harvesting is different… not like the real human Consciousness. So perhaps they are not harvesting your entire Soul? Let’s just pray that is the case here. 15

That being said, Dr. Youval Harari has also stated that humans would have to make a choice; die in an unsustainable environment that is detrimental to their immune system or join the NWO plan (AI). 16 17

So, is there Free Will? ABSOLUTELY!  In fact, Chat GPT also indicates that “Free Will” exists! 18

Make no mistake, we are in a war between all that is good versus evil. We know that the control mechanism, pushing us closer and closer to the NWOs “Transhumanist Agenda” that will ultimately harvest our “Consciousness” our “Soul” and forever trap us in their EQORIA MATRIX,  is mediated by Electrons (EMFs), Photons (Light) and Phonons (sound) that is being emitted by cell towers, the grid, electronics, cell phones, computers, TVs and monitors. 19

So the real question here is: What will you do to protect your Soul? Many will say that GOD will intervene, but I leave you with this:

How can you expect GOD to fight for your Soul if you won’t?

You see, this article is about Ascension.  Death. Why? Because very few people will be able to actually survive the Graphene overload and the radiation we are being exposed to. The Transhumanists’s ultimate goal is to harvest our energy and our Souls.  Your Soul. I strongly believe your Soul belongs to the Divine Consciousness.  GOD.

From our research we were able to identify trends; those scientists that developed the MATRIX (EQORIA) and Mind-control technologies were all proponents of Pythagorean Theorem and included Andreij Puharich, Elizabeth Rauscher, Mike Flannagan and Nikola Tesla himself. Their theory of Quantum Mechanics included a non-Duality approach where the “Soul” and the body were all ONE. This is the model they need to form their ONE, their ANTICHRIST. The MATRIX is not about families or religion but pays homage to Satanic beliefs and values.

Our research on Dr. Drew Hempel was the key in determining that the Science itself in Western Civilization was flawed because of the corruption that occurred in the mathematical equations and harmonics presented in the Pythagorean Theorem which gave rise to “Babylon”, the Western Civilization today.  From there we were able to research the condition of the “Soul” itself and how to maintain separation from the actual physical body; we researched the Duality of the human being with the pineal gland being integral in not only the location of the “Soul” your “higher Consciousness”  but also the location of your “Free Will”.

Exercise good judgment: don’t feed into your ego, your fears and emotions… research everything, do not do Chakra meditation as that connects with the ONE and “unplug” from the MATRIX. Remember no FEAR; death is eternal life with the Divine Consciousness. GOD. Here is a quote from Dan Desmarques:

”Divine Will is always with you, within you and watching you, and ready to synchronize your faith with your path. It is done as you will, for your will is the same as Divine Will.”

Here is an exercise in contacting the Divine Consciousness…the Source… the Supreme Being…. GOD. I include different names/references as everyone has a different association:

  1. Make yourself comfortable and go outside where you can feel his presence the most.
  2. Plant your feet firmly to the ground or lay on the ground.
  3. Close your eyes and take deep relaxing breaths.
  4. Now talk to him…connect with him… tell him your concerns… ask him for guidance… you’ll be surprised. He will talk to you or give you signs that he is still with us. Sometimes his answers come in our dreams.  He hasn’t abandoned us!


1901 English translation of Descartes’ meditations: 20

Everything on him today tries to discredit him.  Everything.  There is no meditation of Dualism? His method was to doubt everything in order to find truth, and the truth would allow you to exercise Free Will.  I think exactly like him! 21

Look! Descartes was the one who created the Mind-body problem itself! No wonder the Quantum Physicists hate him! Practicing  Dualism itself will act to sever you from their MATRIX! 22 23 24

Descartes’ book translated to English. 25

For Descartes thinking itself is existing; “I think therefore I am.”  He doubts all that is uncertain where basically the only thing that exists is one’s self and thoughts. 26

Free Will, according to Descartes, is the sign of GOD in human nature, and human beings can be praised or blamed according to their use of it. People are good, he believed, only to the extent that they act freely for the good of others; such generosity is the highest virtue. Descartes was Epicurean in his assertion that human passions are good in themselves. He was an extreme moral optimist in his belief that understanding of the good is automatically followed by a desire to do the good.

Moreover, because passions are “Willings” according to Descartes, to want something is the same as to will it. Descartes also believed that human beings should control their passions as that would be the highest form of exercising “Free Will.”

He also maintained that the grace that is necessary for salvation can be earned and that human beings are virtuous and able to achieve salvation when they do their best to find and act upon the truth.

I think it best to leave it to the readers to pursue what meditation works best for them? One that favours Dualism I hope?

FYI: CIN will have a follow up article on Acupuncture which is a Dualistic modality! And you will be surprised at what they are hiding from you! 27

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