Highly Alarming: Analysis of Vaccine Ingredients by German Industrial Engineer

A German Industrial Engineer has analyzed samples of COVID-19 vaccine batches that cover over 1 million doses.

USMortality Jan 13 2023

The German Industrial Engineer Mr. Holger Reißner, a former consultant to the German Federal Robert-Koch-Institute, has analyzed many vaccine charges for its consistency and ingredients.

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He found alarming results:

1) Particle size was up to 23x higher than the allowed threshold!

> Maximum size allowed: 0.22μ (220nm)

> Particle size found: 2-5μ (2000-5000nm)

That means the particle size was up to 23x larger than what is normally allowed in a fluid that’s approved for injection.

According to Mr. Reißner, these large particles consist mainly of cholesterol crystals that likely form during the production process.

This can lead to: “Microsis, fibrosis & thrombosis” of blood vessels

That means that capillary vessel can clog, which would explain the side effects that have been observed so widely.


2) Mr. Reißner also found highly concerning ingredients in the injections:

He found adjuvants, that were not listed by the manufacturer, including the highly toxic substance Antimony (as toxic as arsenic).


3) Also, it is well known now that the cationic liquid nano particles (lipids, LNP’s) are highly toxic by themselves, and already cause inflammation and cell damage.


4) Lastly, he also confirmed the toxic role of the spike protein itself, which has been found in several autopsies.

This would explain why in 2021 alone, the German government has admitted that (at least) 254 people have died as a direct consequence of these injections:

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German Government Confirms 254 Vaccine Deaths for 2021

Today, the German Federal Statistical Office published the official “Causes of death statistics 2021”. Dataset I downloaded and parsed all ICD-10 deaths for Germany for 2003-2021, by year, gender and age_group. (Code, Datasets). This now allows for comparison of diagnostic codes over time. Keep in mind, that these codes are assigned in a manual and automa…

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Find the full interview with Mr. Reißner here (in German):




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