Historic Paintings That Show Undeniable UFO Activity

Various paintings depicting important historical events from our recent history have in common an intriguing element illustrated in all cases in the form of a UFO, or more like an unusual object that’s strongly resembling a flying saucer.

This out of this world imagery appears in paintings belonging to different movements that all have in common religious motifs that illustrate divine events, which indicates that there’s a strong link between divinity and extraterrestrial activity.

The art critics interpreted this obvious UFO activity as a projection of the Lord’s halo, but alien enthusiasts don’t share the critics’ opinion on Jesus’ divine nature. Their belief takes a more plausible and pragmatic approach, worthy of a sci-fi scenario: Jesus was a genetically engineered embodiment of human perfection implanted in the context of Immaculate Conception. This scenario may have involved Mary’s abduction for impregnation by an alien race.

The light beam’s consistency inside Mary’s chamber adds relevance to the more scientific theory, since the people who claimed that they have been abducted reported that they were inside their houses when a strange light glared from outside, moments before their apprehension.

2.The Baptism of Christ, painted in 1710 by Dutch artist Aert de Gelde, depicts a disc shape object in the sky shining down four beams of light upon the baptismal scene on the ground.

Considering that Gelde was an ardent student of Rembrandt, some say this was his key to accessing forbidden knowledge stored within the walls of Vatican. This work of art may be a hidden clue to a piece of that forbidden knowledge.

3.The Miracle of Snowby Masolino da Panicale reflects his vision in reference to the legend of snowfall that occurred in a hot summer day in the fourth century.

The painting depicts Jesus and Mary watching from a cloud over the scene of this extraordinary event. Besides the interpretation of that cloud being a kind of window from the heavens down to earth, there are plenty other disk-shaped clouds that for a rapid glance it may seem like a massive UFO activity that could mean that these clouds are an important part of the legend.

This phenomenon is linked to a strikingly similar event that took place on October 27, 1954, when several disk-shaped aircrafts were seen in the sky by the many spectators on a stadium in Florence. The witnesses reported silver glitter identical to snowflakes falling from the sky as the UFOs hovered above them.

4.The next example comes from the Church of Dominican Monastery in Sighisoara, Romania, and it’s pretty self-explanatory: a giant disc-shaped floating object above a burning church.

The German caption below the painting whose author is unknown, reads: “Israel, put your hope in the Lord”. The initial interpretation is that the disc-shaped object is in fact a shield, just like the ones in the 17th century French getons paintings, or so the historians have allegedly debunked. Still, why “shields” and why does it leave behind a trail of smoke?

5.A final outstanding example of alien presence in our lives comes in the form of The Crucifixion of Christ, a fresco that can be seen in Svetishoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia.

In this wall painting a bizarre flying object on both sides of the cross is clearly depicted, strongly sustaining theories regarding our divinity’s alien-human hybrid nature.

This work of art might hint at the fact that aliens have always been present in key events along our questionable history, and we are being monitored on every step we make on the evolutionary path.



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