How to Disarm Propaganda – Mark Crispin Miller on #SolutionsWatch

vadoum says:

until one lets go of all opinion are we destined to have a “gulibility score”? or shall we call it a level-down of lying; how low can you lie? we all do it but then there are next-level punterscum.

These are the days of the sprung lie. time seems to accelerate, not the speed of planetary cosmic corkscrewing, but social and material change increases exponentially. Causes and effects can happen in days as opposed to years. evidenced by the long gestated plans of the dominators finally coming into full swing. It seems to be tied to tech., is that a clue?

The whoppers have put on their best doozies, herds of denialists are clamoring to be corralled for the slaughter, while much of the other divided half gets irate, and rightly so, but that anger score is also tied to the same manipulation..

“If the heart weighed more than the feather of Maat, it was immediately consumed by the monster Ammit” (see Egyptian book of the dead).

The term “propaganda” is a marketing jargon way of saying “Lies”. The spelling itself is part of a system of lying. We can see it we can name it, too little too late? dunno, but the dyke has burst, the last straw busted me camel’s back, the baked mudflats of humanity are steaming a lung burning sulfur sargasso stench,, Its as good as it gets right? After all, this dear reader, is your life; but dont worry, the tide of karmic reward has turned. our civilizations clanger, this is our watch yes? it will all fade, once again, true?

“UNLESS,,,” (lorax dr suess, last page)

I wish you all the luck in being one of those that found a truthful path clear of the realms of manipulation & exploitation; one of those that floated and swam with the flood, and hung around long enough to share the yarn.

They say the lucky thing about being human is that we have a lifetime of chances to decide, yet sadly many never do.


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