How to Fight Water Fluoridation in Your Community



Water fluoridation has become quite the hot-button political issue in
America today, especially as the pro-fluoride establishment is
increasingly being forced to address the myriad of emerging scientific
evidence highlighting the dangers of fluoride. But many city officials
and legislators continue to remain largely unaware of, and in some cases
willfully defiant against, the truth about fluoride.

entrenched in the political framework of public health today is the idea
that artificially fluoridating public water supplies prevents tooth
decay and lessens the overall costs associated with dental treatments.
This flawed ideology dates back to about the 1930s when the aluminum
mining and smelting industries concocted a way to dispose of their
unwanted fluoride chemical byproducts by pushing them on the
unsuspecting masses as a remedy for tooth decay.

Though science
has never backed up this and many other claims made by the pro-fluoride
lobby, fluoridation remains a blindly-accepted public health measure
throughout America today. And yet at the same time, things are also
starting to change as citizens, health officials, and former fluoride
advocates learn the facts about fluoride and begin spreading the truth (

Hundreds of North American communities have axed fluoride from their water supplies in recent decades (,
and many more are in a position to follow suit if science can
ultimately break the political stronghold that is holding on for dear
life to the fluoride myth.

Some practical ways you can help fight water fluoridation in your own community

Send information about fluoride’s dangers to your local city council members and mayor.
City councils are often the ones who decide whether or not to
fluoridate, or continue fluoridating, municipal water supplies. Taking
the time to present information at local council meetings and directly
with council members can go a long way in ending fluoridation, which is
exactly what happened last year in Fairbanks, Alaska (

your local environmental board and express opposition to fluoride, and
also request a fresh investigation into the science behind fluoridation
Many areas continue to fluoridate their water supplies simply because
that is what they have always done. But gaining a fresh perspective from
an independent fluoride investigation committee can be an effective
solution for reforming public consensus on the fluoride issue.

approach was successful in Juneau, Alaska, where a fluoride commission
was established specifically to study the science behind fluoride and
compile a report for the city council to review. Based on the
commission’s findings, it was recommended to the council that the city
stop fluoridating its water supply, which came into effect in 2007 (

Hand out fluoride literature to your friends, family, neighbors. Most people have no idea that the fluoride chemicals added to their water have been designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a toxic waste product responsible for causing bone fractures, dental fluorosis, and other conditions ( They also likely do not know that the official Material Safety Data Sheet
(MSDS) for sodium fluoride, a common fluoride additive, lists the
chemical as carcinogenic, as well as mutagenic, and toxic to bodily
organs and the reproductive system (

our thyroids are screwed up,” says Dr. Ted Norris, who holds a Ph.D. in
neuro-endocrinology, about the consequences of fluoride exposure.
“[Fluoride] causes chronic obesity. It causes fatigue. It causes
depression. It causes lack of energy, and that’s not even to get into
the osteosarcomas and the hip replacements. It’s devastating. I think
it’s worse than lead. It’s a shame.”


Ethan A Huff – June 6, 2012 – NaturalNews



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