Get one every damn day, two a day on weekends!

By now unless one is spiritually blind or brain dead one understands the killer jabs are a Chemical/Biological Human Herd Culling Weapon.
That it was all it was ever intended to be.

Unless one is spiritually blind or brain dead, one understands the Pope,

John Hagee of Cornerstone Ministries,

political whores all over the world,

hospital administrators, doctors, lawyers, school administrators/teachers, talking head media types,

social platform operators,

entertainers, heads of corporations have all taken the 30 fiat shekels to help mass murder humans with killer jabs.

I am a Free Will believer.
I believe if people who are too stupid to pour horse piss out of a Texican Cowboy boot with the instructions written on the bottom of the heel want to commit suicide it is their right.

Furthermore the sooner they succeed in offing themselves, the sooner they stop braying like a mangy jackass to the four desert winds demanding folks much smarter than their asses commit suicide with them so they will be happier as they off themselves.

This of course does not mean all the above types taking the 30 fiat shekels to mass murder humanity should not be given fair Nuremberg Common Law Tribunal Trials

and Fair hangings.

Specially the evil ass holes trying to force the killer jabs, useless as teats on a boar hog dust masking and communistic lockdowns on God’s little children.

If an adult is stupid enough, spiritually blind enough to choose suicide via Loaded syringe, so be it.
But make war on God’s little children and I stand with Jesus the Christ that such evil scum sucking bottom feeders MUST be executed.
After expedient Fair Nuremberg Common Law Tribunal Trials of Course.

By the Book.
Mr. Law & Order.
Thats me all the way!

The Ole Dog!


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