In laymen’s terms COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are a lot like email viruses

COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are a lot like email viruses. COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and email viruses both contain instructions to infect your body or computer system and devices with a harmful virus. When you get them they attack your system and cause harm/damage. They can even cause your system to crash/flatline.

Email viruses are almost always malware attacks. Email viruses consist of malicious code distributed via email to infect one or more devices/systems. As soon as a recipient interacts with an infected email by downloading a file, accessing a link, or opening an attachment, the virus immediately spreads and infects. Email viruses can last a long time and can continue to evolve. COVID-19 mRNA vaccines do the same thing.

As soon as  you get vaccinated the malicious virus protein ORF10 that is encoded in SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine immediately spreads and infects the host. Because the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are messenger vaccines encoded with the human herpes virus protein ORF10 the COVID-19 vaccine induced/caused infection will last a long time. Once you’re infected with a herpes virus you’re infected for life.

All of the herpes viruses cause lifelong infection because the virus remains within its host cell in an inactive (dormant or latent) state. Sometimes the virus reactivates and produces further episodes of disease. Symptoms from reactivation can be different than the symptoms of the initial infection. Reactivation may occur rapidly or many years after the initial infection. 

Kenneth M. Kaye, MD, Harvard Medical School


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