Indiana Cops Arrest Man for Asking for Their Badge Number

Source: PINAC

An Indiana man unhappy with cops parking in the fire lane of his local Walmart was arrested after he asked a cop for his name and badge number.

Cody Clark was walking into the store in Logansport when he spotted a pair of cops standing by a patrol car parked in the emergency lane.

“You’re parked in a fire lane, used for emergency purposes,” he said. “Can you please move the vehicle?”

The cops told him they there on a “police matter,” which gave them the right to park where ever they pleased.

However, Clark was not buying it, telling them they needed to turn on their emergency lights if they are, in deed, there on police business.

But they refused to do that as well.

Nevertheless, Clark persisted, standing there for minutes as they tried to ignore him, his friend standing in the background observing and recording.

“You’re not going to do your one job, protect and serve?” Clark asked.

“You are a public servant, you are serving my issue,” he added, telling them that his issue was that he wanted the emergency lights turned on.

The cops recommend he talk to the chief the following morning to file a complaint against them for not turning on their emergency lights upon demand.

Clark then brought up the fact that he is legally allowed to flip them off, even though he didn’t give it a try.

Clark then walked away and began recording the license plate number on the cop car as well as several others parked in the emergency light without their emergency lights turned on.

But when he stepped into the store to ask for the names and badge numbers of cops, he was arrested by a cop who was not even one of the cops he was initially questioning.

The video was posted on Live Leak this evening. We imagine the cops are from the Logansport Police Department, although the video doesn’t specify.

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