‘It’s Murder’: Remdesivir Victims Decry FDA’s Shocking New Move

There is no “SARS-COV-02” “virus” lyingly said to “cause” the mythical “COVID-19” “illness.

217 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever

No Worries No Virus

There never was a pandemic.
There was a SCAMDEMIC

Which was perpetrated on humans with the help of the 30 shekel talking head whores of “media”.

The Killer Jabs lyingly called a “vaccine” claimed to keep one from getting a non existent illness “caused” by a non existent “virus” was designed to cull the human herd.

All over the world, “governments” owned and operated by this soul-less spawn of the dark side

were making policy to kill off as many humans as possible.

In America the child raping political whores from Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac were using Tax Slaves currency to pay hospitals to murder as many Americans as possible.

There were five boys in my family.
Four of us told the syphilitic hand puppets of DC not no, but HELL NO to their assisted suicide jab.

One boy believing the lying child raping whores of DC and their 30 shekel “media”, took the jab.

He is dead, the other four are doing fine.

Mass Murderers should be given fair Nuremberg Common Law trials,

followed by fair hangings.

The Ole Dog!

‘It’s Murder’: Remdesivir Victims Decry FDA’s Shocking New Move

Remdesivir may be the most despised drug in American history, earning the nickname Run Death Is Near for its lethal record during COVID. Experts claimed that it would stop COVID; instead, it stopped kidney function, then blasted the liver and other organs. Now this reviled destroyer of kidneys has been approved by the FDA for COVID treatment of kidney patients. Does anybody else feel as if the FDA is shoving its power in our faces and laughing at us?

I’ve been joining online support groups for people who lost loved ones to the Remdesivir Protocol — a nightmarish sequence in which a patient is isolated in the hospital, bullied into taking Remdesivir, ventilated, and then sedated to death. Thousands of Americans were killed this way, possibly hundreds of thousands.

These support groups are a deeply somber business. Grieving faces fill the screen of people who lost a parent, spouse, sibling, or child. Some speak with icy anger; some choke back sobs as they tell of the deadly abuse inflicted on their loved ones, shattering their families forever.

I asked them what they thought of the FDA’s decision to approve Remdesivir for people with severe renal impairment, including dialysis. “Morally, how can you do that?” Joyce Wilson said. “It’s a death sentence. They didn’t care if people had kidney issues or not. My husband went into the hospital in kidney distress. They exacerbated it with Remdesivir. Then they ventilated him, and he died.”

“This is absurd,” Tracy Bird told me. “The FDA can no longer be trusted with any drug under any circumstances. It’s all conflicts of interest. My husband Jeff had strong kidney function when he went in the hospital. They gave him Remdesivir, and three days later, he was in kidney failure.”



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