Jews Celebrate 80th Anniversary Of Babi Yar ‘Massacre’ By Releasing New Fake Eyewitness Testimony

There has been such a resounding death of evidence to corroborate the “Nazi” massacre of 30,000 Jews at Babi Yari in the Ukraine that apparently it’s taken “experts” 80 years to fabricate new, never-seen-before “evidence” to finally “prove” that this mythical atrocity actually happened:

Between September 29 and 30, 1941, Nazis and their collaborators murdered tens of thousands of Jews at the Babi Yar ravine just outside of Kyiv. Despite it being one of the largest single massacres of the Holocaust, the site and the event went largely ignored for decades and were overshadowed by the atrocities in the concentration camps, which were often better documented. Throughout the remaining years of World War II, more than 100,000 people were ultimately killed at the ravine.

The Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Center set out to identify those who participated in the massacre, and estimated that hundreds of German soldiers, policemen, and SS personnel were complicit in the massacre. The findings released on Wednesday listed the names of 159 Nazis who participated in the killings. They had testified at trial but were found not guilty, and the majority returned to lead normal lives after the war, the memorial center said.

It is possible that on this day I shot between around 150 and 250 Jews. The whole shooting went off without incident. The Jews were resigned to their fate like lambs,” Czech-born Viktor Trill testified. “After we got out, first we were issued with alcohol. It was grog or rum. I then saw a gigantic ditch [ravine] that looked like a dried out river bed. In it were lying several layers of corpses. The execution began first by a few members of our Kommando going down into the ravine. At the same time about 20 Jews were brought along from a connecting path. The Jews had to lay down on the corpses and were then shot in the back of the neck. More Jews were continually brought to be shot,” the testimony continued.

Trill was an electrician and later became a commercial truck driver, the research said. In 1939, his hometown was occupied by the Nazi Wehrmacht and soon after began working for the Gestapo. In 1941, after arriving in Kyiv amid the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, he was instructed to participate in the second day of the Babi Yar massacre. Trill was tried over the mass killings in 1967, but was acquitted over lack of “base motive” for his participation, the memorial center said.

SS commander August Hefner described his unit’s participation in the executions in a 1967 court hearing. “The SS troops had a section of approximately 30 meters in length. [Bernhard] Grafhorst told me that the Jews should lie down close to each other. About 4-6 Jews lay down next to each other. So, they lay down until the entire bottom was filled. Then the same thing started again. Others had to lie on top of the already dead Jews. Within two days, 6-7 layers could have formed,” Hefner testified.

Grafhorst, also identified by the memorial center, was a senior SS commander.

On Wednesday, the Ukrainian government will hold a commemorative ceremony and event at Babi Yar, attended by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is Jewish, along with his Israeli counterpart, Isaac Herzog, and the president of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The BYHMC has been conducting research into the massacre for several years. So far, 20,000 previously unknown names of victims have been recovered and verified.

This article refers to a “1967 court hearing” on the massacre, but any reference to that hearing outside this article is next to impossible to find and corroborate — strange for such an important event in world Jewry.

It’s rather odd to say the least that the Soviets would not have milked this massacre as a public relations triumph against the “Nazis” and the West — but they didn’t mention it.

The Soviets, of course, blamed the real massacre at the Katyn Forest in Poland on the “Nazis” — but that massacre was later proven to have been perpetrated by the Soviets themselves.

Jews would have us believe that the Soviets didn’t mention it because of “antisemitism” — that they hated Jews so much that they wouldn’t use this massacre to discredit the West — a patent absurdity.

The Soviet Union was founded by Jews — and the Comintern was overwhelmingly dominated by Jews — as were the governments of many of the eastern European Soviet Bloc countries, including the Ukraine.

Yet the patron saint of the “Holocaust” — Elie Wiesel — made the preposterous claim that Jewish corpses at Babi Yar “spurted geysers of blood from their graves for months after they were buried.”

Wiesel made the same colorful claim about Jewish corpses at Auschwitz — proof that Jews can make any outlandish accusations they want about their “Holocaust” because they know no one will ever challenge them — which only encourages them to lie even more about it.

Even the Vatican doubted many Jewish claims of such “massacres” — because the Jews had a well-deserved reputation for exaggeration.

Some of the “evidence” for the massacre is based on Einsatzgruppen reports — allegedly retrieved by the Soviets — but the originals have “disappeared” and only “copies” now exist — which often “show clear signs of postwar additions, inaccurate and inflated figures, and rare signatures which appear on non-incriminating pages.”

This article refers to key eyewitnesses, Viktor Trill and August Hefner — yet no reference whatsoever of these two important “Nazis” can be found in the exhaustive Holocaust archives of both the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Yad Vashem Museum in Israel.

But long before the war ended the Jews anticipated that there would be no physical evidence — such as millions of corpses — to proof their wild allegations of a “Nazi genocide” — so they ran disinformation cover stories before the war ended explaining why there would be no evidence to support their claims.

In reality, there is no evidence to support the claim that 30,000 — let alone 100,000 — Jews were “murdered” at Babi Yar — no piles of corpses, no ashes — but Jewish logic insists that the lack of any evidence is proof that the “Nazis” must have gotten rid of the evidence.

But the Jews have never let this consistent lack of physical evidence stand in their way of erecting countless memorials in remembrance of events that never happened, whether in Szczecin, London, Jedwabne, Lublin, or Stanov.

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