June 1 – “Vaccines” Aimed at the “Extinction of Humanity”


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'Final Days’ Exposing the Scientific Technological Elite and their desire to become gods. The Covid pandemic was the test run for an even more sinister plot to come.
"Final Days" is the sequel to "Died Suddenly."  To its credit, it does not continue with a litany of vaccine damage but instead focuses on the BIG PICTURE: Why is this happening?
The answer is transhumanism: the Illuminati is re-engineering the human race as automatons to serve them.
The plan is to end the human species and create, as Elon Musk calls them – humanoids. "To merge technology into the human body…"
The vaccine makers disclose that their product contains graphene oxide and self-assembling nanoparticles which are completely programmable. ALL the vaccines, including Sputnik, contain graphene. 
The documentary shows how the vaccinated, including the dead in cemetaries, emit Blue Tooth signals. 
This is exactly what Yuval Harari and his patrons want when they say we have no souls and are just "hackable anaimals." 
The "vaccines " are designed to make us "hackable." 
Our soul contains our Divine blueprint and defines us a human. Our Mission is to serve God and enact God's Plan. Take away this spiritual connection and we are just garbage floating in space.
They are cancelling white males because we are one of the last hopes for humanity to evolve in a positive direction. 
The suicidal promotion of gender dysphoria shows that social engineering i.e. changing people is now more important than providing a service and making a profit.  
Chick-fil-A Faces Growing Backlash Over ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ Efforts


Journalist A.J. Benza Bombshell: Jamie Foxx, 55, Has a Blood Clot in the Brain From the Covid “Vaccine” – 
Trust the farce
Elite clowns in America: Joe Biden is a puppet of Jewish power
Reader-For 52 years now I've been trying to expose the Hell now intensifying by the day. I was born into the psychopathic elite in Canada's eastern WASP/Jew/Mason "establishment". I was ritually,  sexually abused, programmed/bribed, brainwashed to serve Satan's Jew/Masonic/ Jesuit tag team, and walked away at age 22…leaving millions $ on the table, a fabulous home, an astronomically profitable few businesses, all given to me if I would serve Satan.
Fifty two years ago I moved to the other side of this continent and began exposing these hideous servants of Satan for who they truly are. Sadly I have failed miserably through a lifetime of attempting to show others WTF is REALLY underway.
I have repeatedly said to myself, "Maybe when things get REALLY BAD, they will waken and address the living body of Satan."
Well, we have yet to see.  We have front row seats, front row opportunities to do what we can in this epic, final battle. I think you will appreciate this two minute clip of Christine Anderson, member of the European Parliament, as she exhorts humanity to wake up and REBEL!
MEP Christine Anderson- CLIMATE CHANGE IS NATURAL; CO2 is good for the planet.
Nearly 10,000 photos from Hunter Biden's laptop published online
Former Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler, the founder of the nonprofit research group Marco Polo, said his team took months to review thousands of photos dating from 2008 to 2019 before publishing them Thursday on BidenLaptopMedia.com.
Major Grocery Chain Struggles To Survive Amid Wave Of Thefts


During Question Period on Wednesday, MP and Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre called out Justin Trudeau over being forced to resign as a teacher two decades ago.
The prime minister has yet to come clean regarding his mysterious and sudden departure from West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver, and in the years since, numerous explanations have been provided by his team, school officials, and reporters.
Significant that Poilievre is this case of Fidelito allegedly beiing fired for having sex with an underage student. 
Carbon-credit Scammer Steps Down Amid Claims That Credits Are Worthless
.The announcement comes after a recent investigation into the group found that approximately 90 percent of its so-called carbon credits are, essentially, worthless and have no measurable impact on carbon reductions
Mark Felton–Hitler's "Jewish Daughter"
Befriends a little blond girl whose grandmother was Jewish.
RFK Jr Calls For "Mature Conversation" On Ukraine As Admin Is "Lying To Us"
2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has once again blasted the United States government for lying to the public and to the world about Ukraine, while calling out the Military Industrial Complex in particular.
It's not the first time. Earlier this month an avalanche of mainstream media headlines condemned his take when he told UnHerd the following: "We should have listened to Putin over many years. We made a commitment to Russia, to Gorbachev, that we would not move NATO one inch to the east. Then we went in, and we lied."
More recent speaking engagements wherein he utters unpopular truths on Ukraine have gone viral this week. In one of them, he tells an audience at a campaign event, "Our government is lying to us about it. The media is going on with the lie…It’s a laundering operation for the Military Industrial Complex."
Women are devoting their nurturing instincts to animals.
"It was just so inspiring to see this fish try so hard to live!"
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: $10 Million Out of Anderson Cooper's $12 Million Salary Is Paid by PFIZER!


1961 Public Service Film
Boys, Beware of Homosexuals!
Men are not being Man enough, say women. Men have been emasculated by feminism and feminist laws. 
Jews Against Soros coalition launched after leftists say criticizing him is 'antisemitic'
Hammer says that it is dishonest to suggest that criticism of George Soros is "antisemitic."
Republicans Say DOJ Has Gone ‘Totally Rogue’ After Lawsuit Against 2024 Senate Contender
WV Governor Jim Justice trageted because of his run against RINO Joe Manchin  


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