Just Stop Sadiq Khan – WEF enemy agent & ULEZ Fraudster – Airmiles To Davos & Back

Sanctimonious hypocrite Sadiq Khan whilst peddling his CO2 fearing hysteria obviously doesn’t care a jot about we ordinary people. His only concern seems to be implementing his vicious globalist road charging schemes and pleasing his masters at the World Economic Forum by targetting the poor. The rich can afford to pay to play.

Astonishingly it takes a Conservative to remind Khan of the rammifications of his egregious fraudulent monegrabbing social engineering schemes rather than members of his own Labour party ( party of the working class LOL ).

Note how the creeps from the Labour party in the footage below seek to deflect all blame for their own actions on the Tories.

Here is Khan the pontificating CO2 fraudster on a 2017 taxpayer funded jolly to Davos.  Despite Khan’s fraudulent climate change and global warming claims this rather picturesque ski resort for the rich and famous appears rather cold and snowy. Curiously the snow at Davos has failed to melt despite the arrival of hundreds of CO2 belching jets and helicopters from across the globe one of which of course contained Khan and his entourage ?

Rules for thee but not for me !


Also present at the sickening festival of hipocrisy in Davos was the woke Bishop who dumped his Bible, a man who hangs around with the usurious moneylenders. What would Jesus have said about this creepy convert leading his flock into the wolf’s lair ?

Check out Khan’s Zelensky eyes and the Bishop’s rictus grin, have they been partying too hard ?


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