Keeping vaccine deaths and land grabs off the news

Keeping vaccine deaths and land grabs off the news

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Current Events by Miles Mathis March 24, 2024

The biggest news in the past few days has been the fake shootings in Moscow. At Infowars they have a poll in the sidebar asking readers who they think did it: ISIS Ukraine CIA Russians As usual, they leave off the correct answer: Hollywood 1 33 deaths are being reported. If it rises they will have to get it up to 188. They are already suppressing the early films they released, since they are so bad. Note the fake little white sparks flying everywhere, obviously added in CGI. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack and the US State Department and CIA just confirmed that, saying they knew this was being planned weeks ago.

The problem? ISIS doesn’t exist, other than as another vaudeville cast put together by international Intel. Besides, despite the fact that we are supposed to believe Russia is our enemy, we have agreements to share intelligence in cases like this. In any case of real terrorism—which we I am not sure we have ever seen—we are supposed to warn each other. Would we like it if Russian or Chinese intelligence got wind of a big terror attack on us and just let it happen? No, that alone would be a casus belli.

So the US is basically admitting complicity here, which is ridiculous. Not only would that never happen, if it did happen we wouldn’t admit it, would we?

No, this is all being staged by both sides to keep tension high and keep eyes off other things.

And to keep military expenditures astronomically high, especially on our side.

A continuation of the long Cold War staged for just that purpose. [See the B-21 bomber below].

Despite that, Republican Tom Cotton of the Senate Intelligence Committee used this hoax to spread fear in the US, telling reporters that he is deeply worried ISIS may do the same thing here. This is the same Tom Cotton that has been promoted by alternative media, including Tucker Carlson, as a strong conservative voice. But as you see he is just another paid stooge of the Pentagon and the military/industrial/Intelligence complex. In the same way, Alex Jones is selling the event as real in several promoted stories, while having to know it is fake. He used to sell himself as a fake-events expert, but he can’t see through this one? He is even pumping it, warning us it will lead to WWIII, with pictures of mushroom clouds.

Just his little addition to the fear porn. If you do a general search on “Moscow attacks fake” or anything similar, you get nothing.

A few years ago Youtube would have been stiff with videos on it, but of course that all changed after Sandy Hook. The First Amendment was mothballed at that time, with all independent research and opinion illegally censored by the government, in obvious contravention of the Constitution.

Even at Bitchute we find nothing now, so that has also apparently been censored.

I assume the search engines have also been censored: we will see if this paper makes it through at any of the major engines. My paper on Israel made the front page for a few days at Bing before being censored, and it was #1 at Yandex for a while. Is still #5 there.

[Next day: Yeah, this paper is already #3 at Yandex for , scrubbed everywhere else on that search without quotes. With quotes it is #2 at Bing and #5 at Yahoo. Google has so far censored it poorly, since with quotes it is the only thing that comes up on that search.] Speaking of which, Israel today announced a major land grab in the West Bank. Ah, finally something I can believe. I don’t believe in the Hamas terror attacks, the rapes or baby killings, the bombings of hospitals and civilian targets, or even the thousands of Palestinian war deaths.

But I do believe in this land grab, since that is what the fake war has been about all along, other than eyes-off the vaccine genocide.

In other news, we find even the solar eclipse being used as fear porn and eyes-off news. The FAA, State of New York, and other entities are issuing various warnings, including recommendations that people stay home inside, stock up on bottled water, and various other asinine things.

Everything but duct-taping the windows and wearing camo.

All because the Moon passes in front of the Sun for a few minutes.

This happens all the time and I have never seen such manufactured hysteria in reaction to it. It is the same thing we have seen with the weather being used as constant fear porn, with people being whipped into a froth over an approaching thunderstorm, a cold snap, or a blanket of snow. Every weather event is now being used as proof of Global Warming or some apocalypse, and that is because the weather agencies have been infiltrated by Intelligence and are now being used as just one more propaganda font. The weather has been weaponized against us like everything else, and I don’t mean weather manipulation in this case.

I mean hyping every weather event as some possible catastrophe and issuing public warnings to panic. This not only helps keep everyone’s anti-anxiety meds topped off and the drug companies flush, it keeps the rising vaccine deaths off the news. But mainly it stalls the revolution, since it is hoped that people in a constant state of panic over manufactured crises cannot focus on real problems and their obvious solution. In other news, we find Michael Cohen (above), Trump’s old fixer, in trouble again in court, perjuring himself for the upteenth time. Yeah, I know, hard to believe a Cohen would lie about anything, right?

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