Locked-down resident in China’s Guizhou province appeals for help

(Natural News) A resident of a locked-down compound in China’s Guizhou province appealed to the outside world for help and exposed attempts by some entities to take advantage of the lockdowns against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) to make money.

A woman who went by the pseudonym Ms. Zhang said the lockdown caused many to starve. Zhang, who lives in the Huaguoyuan community in the southwestern Chinese province, also pointed to the government’s disregard of the food shortage there.

According to the Epoch Times, Huaguoyuan is China’s largest shantytown renovation project. The area spanning 1,000 hectares and 311 high-rise buildings is divided into roughly 20 zones. Huaguoyuan is home to 40,500 businesses and 450,000 residents – including Zhang.

The lockdown imposed on Huaguoyuan since Sept. 3, alongside the draconian measures that accompanied it, triggered over 1,000 residents of the community’s M Zone to gather at the lobbies of the apartment. The Sept. 10 protest – held on the same day as the Mid-Autumn Festival – demanded an end to the tyrannical lockdown measures and food supplies from the government.

Law enforcement response to the protests at Huaguoyuan was swift, however. State-run outlet China News confirmed that 400 police officers were mobilized to the community on Sept. 11 at 11:30 p.m. to suppress the gatherings. According to the outlet, the officers “assembled instantly and rushed to Huaguoyuan to carry out pandemic prevention and control work.”

“Please help us spread the information and call [the] attention [of the outside world] to the governance problems in Guiyang,” Zhang appealed, referring to the city where Huaguoyuan is located.

“Many people are starving in our place, but our posts and videos have been banned in China. On the night of our protests, two people who claimed themselves to be reporters didn’t report on our situation. Instead, they kept making calls onsite to ban and delete our live streaming.”

Zhang rebukes Huaguoyuan property managers

According to Zhang, the protests during the Mid-Autumn Festival were prompted by the actions of Homnicen Group. The property management company in charge of Huaguoyuan shut down all the elevators in the M Zone on Sept. 10.

She added that the company asked residents to keep all household garbage in front of their doors. This, in turn, caused the trash to smell bad in the hot summer weather.

Worse, Zhang revealed that Homnicen had been intercepting donations of food to the locked-down residents and reselling them after repacking.

“The property management also seized all the moon cakes and vegetables, repacked them and asked residents to pay for them … at high prices,” she said. “They set the prices casually. If we don’t buy from them, we have nothing to eat.” (Related: Forced covid lockdowns in China are starving people to death.)

The Huaguoyuan resident expounded on Homnicen’s price gouging: “A bag of one cabbage, two carrots,  several green peppers, two tomatoes, two eggplants, two pieces of ginger and a bulb of garlic is marked for sale for prices from 59 yuan ($8.45) to 99 yuan ($14.19).”

Homnicen’s food pack, despite being overpriced, appeared to be much better than the food supplied by the government – one bag containing a head of Chinese cabbage, an onion, two potatoes, two pieces of ginger and one bulb of garlic.

According to Zhang, Homnicen would sometimes put vegetables on the ground floors and inform residents that they can pick those up. “But they have gone bad, with leaves totally decayed and juice coming out,” she commented. “They are not edible.”

A female Homnicen staffer who did not give her name responded to the Epoch Times‘ Sept. 13 request for comment. She told the publication that the decision to shut down the elevators at Huaguoyuan’s M Zone were ordered by the local government to “control traffic volume during the pandemic.”

The Homnicen employee also noted that government employees were the ones responsible for the  distribution of food supplies. She suggested that residents keep evidence of food being repacked for sale.

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