Man Gets Dragged Out of Hillary Clinton Rally for Asking About Bill Clinton’s Trips to Epstein Island

Originally Published on Vigilant News

Alex Rosen, anti-pedophilia activist and Twitter user with a significant following, was dragged out by security at a Hillary Clinton rally Friday in Houston. On Rumble, he runs a channel called Predator Poachers.

At a Hillary Clinton rally in support of mayoral candidate Sheila Jackson Lee, Rosen shouted, “Hey, Hillary, why did your husband visit Epstein Island 26 times?!” The crowd immediately booed Rosen and chanted, “Sheila!” Rosen was then confronted by security.

Rosen received a push to the back by a man walking behind him and fell to the ground. Whether the fall was truly from the push or not is unclear.

After a few more seconds, security started dragging Rosen towards the exit by his shirt.

“Is this really necessary?” Derrick Broze, an independent journalist, continually asked as security continued dragging Rosen by the shirt.

Rosen gave a thumbs up with a smile, showing he was okay. The image below has become his new profile photo on X.

Here’s another look at the incident:

While backpedaling on the way out, Rosen made these comments to multiple grown men escorting him out the door:

“Why do you guys support just endless government spending? I mean, she’s given more money to white people in Ukraine than you freakin idiots, and you keep voting for her. Endless money to Ukraine. Endless money for Israel. She’s not anti-establishment. You guys will do the same shit over and over again. Same crimes — gonna be like just like Chicago. You guys love this sh*t.”

Brian O’Shea, investigator and husband of Dr. Naomi Wolf, made these comments:

“Brother, I would sue the sh*t out of that event facility and the company providing event security…you’d win. Don’t go after the candidate cause you’d lose, but picking off the support teams for these Marxist mini-armies is the best way to cut the legs off of the dragon…start with the toes.”


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