Man Hunt Underway For Student Who Scrawled Swastika On Desk At Moravian College In Pennsylvania

Jews worldwide remain on high alert while police continue their hunt for all those responsible for a swastika scrawled on a desk located on the campus of Moravian College, a small liberal arts college in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania:

In an April 16 message posted under Health Alerts, President Bryon Grigsby wrote that a swastika had been discovered drawn on a desk in the Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Complex.

“Campus Police began their investigation into this despicable vandalism that same night and the Bias Response Intervention Team met yesterday to review the information shared. That investigation remains ongoing at this time,” he stated.

Spokesperson Michael Corr told The Morning Call newspaper on Wednesday that the investigation remains open.

Grigsby said that the university had allocated extra police officers to search classrooms, common areas and study rooms for vandalism and hate symbols. He noted that he found it troubling that the vandal behind the hateful graffiti may not be found.

Grigsby added, “We will not and do not tolerate bias and hateful behaviors and actions on our campus. We must work, everyday, on creating a more welcoming and inclusive campus for all members of our community.”

This story was literally headline news on some sites in Israel — and the purpose of such a story is clear — to psychologically terrorize Jews worldwide into believing that “another” Holocaust is just around the corner.

For Jews, every mole hill is a mountain — if the “Holocaust” taught Jews anything, it’s that every “gentile” — no matter how seemingly friendly they appear to be — can turn on you at any moment — and throw you in a gas chamber.

The former Chief Rabbi of the U.K. — the late Jonathan Sacks — warned his fellow Jews that there is literally nowhere on Earth that is safe for Jews.

One of the purposes of “Holocaust” propaganda is to transform fear into a virtue — Jews who live in constant fear of “gentiles” — and make their fellow Jews feel that same fear — believe themselves to be the most virtuous.

Jews have replaced the fear of God with fear of the genocidal “gentiles” — who are likened to an irrational destructive god — or force of nature — that must be destroyed.

Of course, in this cosmology, Jews are eternal paragons of virtue and innocence who have done nothing to deserve this “hate” and “envy” from the gentiles.

And those “gentiles” who cannot be reasoned with must be destroyed — after all, no Jew should have to live in constant fear.

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