Microsoft spies on you! Microsoft 365 Bannned in Germany, what about Australia?

Bill Gates’ Microsoft is part of the global surveillance and data ‘hoovering’ network called the 5eyes.

Some people may assume that this means that our personal/private & confidential data generated on our electronic devices or that by governments or corporations in relation to us is safe but that is quite to the contrary.

ANY online data is not safe from being compromised, where even off-line data is also vulnerable.

In relation to this exposure that Office 365 ‘phones home’, Australian government departments and businesses that are using this product are putting Australians at risk, period.

Germany banned the use of the product called Microsoft 365.

An evaluation by a working group of German data protection authorities states Microsoft’s cloud-based 365 products cannot be used in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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Will Australia ban M$ 365? Most definitely not, as the colony’s government is part of the 5eyes, where this action is against the agenda, and besides they really don’t care about the serf’s data only about litigation.

So, the serfs in the colony will just keep on accepting this just like every other action by the government that is against their best interest.

This does not mean that one personally has to use Microsoft products meaning its operating system and Office suite, where there are high quality alternatives currently available.

If privacy is your concern, then we do not recommend the use of Microsoft products.

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It is important news for Australians, where it seems that the Australian mainstream media has not informed us about this.


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