Miss Earth Switzerland 2016 Isn’t Swiss

Editor’s Comment: Miss Earth Switzerland is a Swiss beauty pageant for young women in Switzerland. Swiss is a European ethnicity that is part of the White race. Have you ever heard of a White European woman winning a pageant to become the new Miss Nigeria or Miss China? Of course not because only in White countries are we told to embrace a multiracial society, one where any race can come live and be considered Swiss. Although a European may live in the country of Nigeria, they will never be Nigerian by ancestry, only by government paperwork. If a White woman were to say to black people, “I’m Nigerian,” she would be laughed at. Only in a European country is it acceptable for a black woman to say she is Swedish, although her people originated in Africa. 

It used to be understood that a nation was the extension of the tribe or ethnicity and it still applies just not in White countries.

White European women, such as Swiss women, are a minority in the world. Blonde, light brown or red hair, green or blue eyes and milky white skin are exotic and special traits that the majority of the world does not possess. Women around the world long to have the diverse features of European women. Yet in Swiss and other European beauty pageants, European women are told they are racist if they do not include women of all races, embracing ‘diversity.’ No one ever tells Angola, they must diversify their beauty pageants. 

Source Article from https://redice.tv/news/miss-earth-switzerland-2016-isnt-swiss

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