Negative View of Federal Government Hits New High in Gallup Poll

Terence P. Jeffrey
Tuesday, August 30, 2011 – The percentage of Americans telling the Gallup poll they have a negative view of the federal government has hit a new high, Gallup reported today.

In a survey conducted Aug. 11-14, Gallup asked American adults whether their overall view of the federal government was very positive, somewhat positive, neutral, somewhat negative or very negative.

A total of 63 percent said they had a negative view of the federal government, including 34 percent who said they had a somewhat negative view and 29 percent who said they had a very negative view.

That is the highest negative rating the federal government has received since Gallup starting asking people to rate their view of the government in an August 2003 survey. Gallup has asked the same question about the federal government every August since then.

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50 Responses to “Negative View of Federal Government Hits New High in Gallup Poll”

  1. Man FUCK our gov’t! And, FUCK obamas retarded non-american ass too. We people need to quit talkin about what we would do or what were gonna do to change this country.. and start actually doing it.

  2. Ok; so adding up the total of percentages of people in this poll who either voted somewhat negative – very negative, you get 126% of the people polled. That’s like a major F MINUS!!! Sounds like people who weren’t even polled were so pissed they wanted their names added to the list of people who are sick and tired of being f-cked by the gov’t. So, what do we do about it? Bitch on a website? Nothing is going to happen to those f-cks because neither you nor I are going to risk our jobs and standard of living until sh*t gets so bad we have no other choice!

    • 24 + 39 = 63. They were just further breaking down the negative votes.

  3. Add me to the poll. I vote a REALLY NEGATIVE view on the federal government! Cheers!

    • The Federal government is NOT the solution.

      The Federal government IS is an accomplice to Al Qaeda.

      Between the CIA, Federal Reserve, DC and Al Qaeda, they have all the bases covered and control the terrosism – problem, reaction, solution psyopp being waged upon us.

      What is hard to understand?

      If the events of 9/11 don’t prove, “Kilroy was here,” I don’t know what does.

  4. Is this really a shock? First you buy a car, which you got to pay taxes on. Then you got to buy an insurance policy. Then you got to fill it up with gas, which you also pay taxes on. Then you find a crappy job, work your ass off, then you pay taxes again. Which for me and my shitty minimum wage job is over 30% of my shitty pay. Okay so that is about 4 months out of the year i am working just for taxes? Then when I buy my shitty unhealthy food I pay taxes on that. When I spend even one dollar at the store 6% of that also goes to the government. Someone do the math. How much are we paying these jerkoffs and what the hell are they doing with the money to benefit society? Why do we pay these fucking people? I love it when upper middle class jerk offs say the poor pay no taxes. I would say that I pay over half of my money in taxes. One out of every 2 hours I am slaving not for my own benefit but for the governments. Rich people love to complain about taxes, oh I pay so much, poor me. Well you also make more money. Why should I pay half of my money to the government and you should not? Being poor in America is no different from being a slave, and i’m fucking sick of it. These gangster government bastards get rich from the sweat off the working class Americans back. All they do in return to thank us is steal more of our freedoms away and pile on the taxes. Well I am getting pretty fucking sick of it, and I doubt that I am the only one. Something has to give one way or the other.

    • You’re definitely not the only one, Ghetto Mountain!

  5. A sample of the frog’s discomfort, relative to the temperature of the heated water. Conclusion: The frog has no sense of awareness despite the irritability. Turn up the heat!

  6. Last night I was cruising around on Drudge. The headlining article was a puff piece on Barbie Ken Perry and Mut Wrongney. Out of 72 comments that I saw, only two supported either puppet. That was very encouraging. Some posters were providing info on Bilderburg attendance, Guardasil mandates and Barbie’s spending records. I think it would be pretty cool if every infowarrior here spent 10 minutes a day posting a little truth out there in the msm as well, planting seeds and all. I truly believe there is a window of opportunity here. My boss was a hardcore Rep for years. Framed autographed pic of W and all. Right now he is in the midst of his ‘waking up’ depression because he realizes, finally at 63, the whole thing is a scam. It is ripe for the pickin out there!

  7. I feel like they know this, that’s why there are so many rumblings out there of false flag terror attacks coming…

    • If we will recall, when the Obama birth-certificate problem really began to flare up with Donald Trump’s help on national television scene, we then saw the ‘Bin Laden raid’ which preempted and effectively buried the Obama birth certificate / SSN problem in the news cycle. The subsequent ‘bin laden raid’ was blacked out as it unfolded live (according to Leon Penetta at CIA) and so all of the top people at the White House watching the ‘bin laden raid’ got nothing but a black screen on their set for 20 minutes. None of them know for sure what actually happened. Then, of course, in honor of Muslum tradition, Bin Laden was given a proper ‘burial at sea’ within 24 hours. And how nicely that all worked out, since nobody got to see the body or any pictures of this former CIA asset.

      Next, when the Newscorp scandal broke wide open and the public began to learn that the telephones and answering machines of 911 victim’s families were being hacked to ensure no cellular calls / messages were left on tape which might contradict the ‘official’ version of events broadcast on 911, what did we see – the Norway bloodbath starring Anders Behring Breivik, which then effectively derailed national attention away from the biggest piece of incriminating 911 evidence since the event itself on September 11, 2001. One of the key whistleblowers in the Newscorp scandal was murdered shortly after the story broke. All of this has been swept under the carpet; not a word mentioned.

      What’s next? Not sure, but if the economy collapses as predicted, we will probably see a BIG event to usher in martial law / FEMA camps an the whole 9 yards. Be prepared.

  8. Good people, brave people, Unite! Join hands to resist the invading evil!

    Our lives are hanging by a thread. The sleeping masses are falling under the invisible, silent, unrelenting encroachment–a mortal assault advanced far beyond anything else in history, making it all the more deadly.

    We who are awake have just cause to strike back with deadly force. The evidence is not in a book…….it is saturating us to the core. It is not just entering our government, but our homes, our minds, our souls! What the enemy is doing, step by step, inch by inch, country by country, is irresistible unless we overpower them as a monolithic force, united in time and place.

    Ron Paul could be our greatest asset in a government now overrun by degenerates. But have we considered that he cannot do what we must do for ourselves? We fool ourselves if we turn it all over to him, and then sit back to drink our beers and watch TV. Have we considered that waiting until after the election buys more time for the enemy…….while we indulge our uncertain hopes instead of taking action?

    He needs us as much as we need him. There are things he cannot say at this time, if he is to win.

    But Dr. Paul will surely agree on the following:

    Stop the trashy postings that degrade us all. You destroy yourselves!
    Stop the racism, and look at the real enemies.
    Stop the bible verses, that divides us. Bibles don’t stop bombs.
    Stop the complaining…what good will complaining do inside a FEMA camp?
    Stop the personal attacks, or reap your karma!

    And surely, Dr. Paul will agree on the following:

    Support each other with love and courage, despite individual differences. Everyone has something useful to offer. Communicate secretly, develop plans, appoint local leaders. Cut off the power of the NWO by using less oil, taking your money out of banks, developing local infrastructure that is totally independent of all government.

    Publish, far and wide, the names and addresses of all NWO collaborators.

    Gather weapons for your defense. Be original. Plan for your defense against the terrible technologies sure to be unleashed when the enemy’s losing and desperate. They are far worse than most imagine. Inform yourselves!

    Thinking ahead, past the bloody revolution that is indisputably inevitable, what can we do to purge the planet of those who conspire against humanity? It’s not possible to extirpate all of them. Some survive, rebuild, and another tyranny is on the way.

    The only solution is a wholesale change in ourselves. Tyrants grow in the fields of our own predation and treachery. We are their models. We are their justification. If we lack integrity, so will those amassing money and power. Had we integrity years ago, we would have kicked out the very first politician who lied and cheated us.

    We need to change ourselves. Nothing less than becoming true individuals will work. If there is anything tyrants fear the most, it is a person who is completely independent, who takes responsibility for all that he does, who thinks for himself and who acts for himself. Such a person is not dependent on religion to tell him what to think, and dependent on government to act for him.

    Ultimately, though many will deny it, we cannot circumvent the following:

    Judge civilization by its consciousness.
    Judge consciousness by its truths.
    Judge truth by reality.

    As soon as we accept this,

    We change civilization by changing its consciousness.
    We change consciousness by changing its truths.
    We change truth as we discover the nature of reality.

    • Wake up!!!!! Ron Paul ain`t got no money to face The New World Order Agenda thats is funding Obama`s Campaign and Fund the Media Corporation for Propaganda. Ron Paul cant`t match it, its too late to fight them back, they`ve been on this for centuries do u think u gonna defeat them over a period of 14 months before the election while they`ve there for centuries. The Main Stream Media are already Demonizing Ron Paul and not giving him a proper coverage. ITS TOO LATE JUST PRAY FOR GOD`S MERCY UPON US.

      • We need to destroy the NWO for the entire human race! Whatever God you stand by is your choice, as long as we are united against a common enemy.

    • “Stop the bible verses, that divides us.”

      How about you stop dividing us and start defending my First Amendment, you degenerate liberal Luciferian scumbag piece of shit. …but, yeah, I can sympathize with being tired of half-hearted pseudo-Christians handing me the same lame tracts with the same lame verses so often I’m enraged by the sight of them. I’m through sucking on the teat of pseudo-churches who treat Christians like delicate little pansies who need to be sheltered from the Truth; I am sick of being expected to sit down, shut up, and tithe while they fill us to the throat with Luke-warm watered-down goat’s milk. Where’s the beef? I have teeth and they were made for rending flesh. It’s time for Christians to grow up and realize being Christian is not about taking a bath in holy water, singing songs, and prancing around like a pretty little fairy princess in a Sunday dress while the world burns. Being Christian about reaching down into the fires of hell and saving the world from death and disease. …saving whatever remnant can be saved, at least.

      • I agree, I left the church because of the milk. Try teaching the meat of the bible and people’s eyes glaze over. The bible is the only “history book” that has not changed in 2thousand years.

      • AMEN! I’m tired of not being able to talk about my beliefs in public while everyone else can!! I’m tired of the false Christian stereotypes! I’m tired of the fake Christians that only talk to YHWH when they want something! I’m tired of all the BS churches and lies spewing from so-called religious “leaders.” I’m ready to stand next to Michael and fight for good! YHWH is a loving God, but rightfully hates the evil the perverts his otherwise magnificent creation. I hate this evil with a passion and I am ready to stomp it out, no matter where it is. The time is coming for us to carry our own crosses and put our money where our mouth is.

  9. Let’s help the other 47% see it before election day.

    • No use. They will all say, “I’m blind!”. Sad, I know.

  10. think about it america has the strongest nazi party in the world, stronger than germany itself. the nazi party did not die with hitler, it was sent over to the USA to grow in a petrie dish.unless the global elite are all irradicated at one time, the nazi party will attempt to take over the USA in 2012. be ready. Ron Paul 2012

  11. We have reached the point where the overwhelming majority of Americans do not approve of the Federal government, Congress and the President. So it follows, therefore, Americans must absolutely refuse to vote for the dummy media driven candidates in the next election and send a clear signal that all of the above criminals and miscreants need to pack up and leave so we can reinstate our Bill of Rights with true Patriots.

    • You forget that no matter how many votes a person gets, it is the Electoral Vote that counts. Do you’all remember that the people voted for Ross Perot, but he lost due to electoral votes. This is the politicians voting their boss into the office.

  12. If protectionists of white slave traders, mass murderers, human smugglers and opium traffickers from Europe (the founders) were representative of YOU or the other infestation folk of this continent, you deserve to be eradicated.

  13. A Just lion knows that a mass media meal has monarchial appeal.

  14. Lets just ask for God`s Mercy for the sake of our Soul!
    Whore to Fake Empires in national subdivison Crime Cults in God’s House of Creation, act like women in your toy-collecting, hovel-whoring, cloth-clown nationalism for centuries and without any intelligence THINK that GOD should not get his Greatest Joy eradicating your species in entirety?

    Why a Lion Roars with Laughter.

    Start slaying militants, their children, politicians, police, doctors, lawyers domestically and serve GOD so he may witness and know you recognize HIS DOMAIN and perhaps a handful may yet remain in this realm, otherwise it just a day of Video Gaming to nuke this shtr sphere to DUST.
    Asses to ashes, thank you for Playing!

    • You think some fairy tale god is going to save you? Educate yourself then reflect then lead. No mysterious voice in your head is going to steer you in the right direction

      • Go fuck yourself! God is real! And without him there will be no victory against the NWO!

  15. 100% are IDIOTS if they think it was ever anything more than A CON and Crime Racket by White English Mobsters to fool the rubes into thinking they were an Independent Collective of respectable people. Retardica Relocational of Rubes O’ EARTH

  16. The majority of a country that is suppose to GOVERN ITSELF hates its own government. That is proof that the federal government is tyrannical, and going against the collective will of the majority. PATHETIC!


    • How much does the Illuminati pay you to write up this crap? I guess that wouldn’t be considered an entitlement, would it?

    • It’s funny that you believe entitlement programs are the problem. Stop fighting wars for corperate intrest, stop letting the rich collect so much from the fruits of the working class. You don’t like communism because SP wrote your history textbook that you grew up on. Do your homework. Mc-Graw Hill owns SP . It’s beautiful how theyve controlled you from their distorted education.

  18. The Last president of The USA Will be Obama`s Second Term, Then after that will come The NWO. I don`t see if there`s anyone who can stop these mighty Evil doers Blood suckers BANKERS CFR. Lets just ask for God`s Mercy for the sake of our Soul!

    • where you pull this shit from. come on dont just dsay things like this . ELABORATE?P?P?P!?!P!?P

      • u gotta think deep man! this shit ain`t no jokes, thts whats gonna happen, Nobody can change he NWO Agenda except God himself, what`s Unfortunate for us is we found out about this shit, too late to stop it man!

        • It’s not to late! Take up arms in the name of God! Charge the fascist’s in the white house!

  19. Government: Men and women providing services at the barrel of a gun. If they were really there to protect you and your property they wouldn’t be the first to use deadly force and confiscation.

    They are a bunch of degenerate gang members with a flag and paper work and are obsolete, useless and need to be dissolved.

    click on my name for more about these gang members that think they own you

  20. I have a very positive view……
    about my negative thoughts on govt.

    • Really? I have a very negative view on a positive outcome of this all. Must be something going around.

  21. After WW2, America literally became the Fourth Reich. The satanic elite who covertly backed Hitler — banksters and other Freemasons — came up with a whole new plan for global conquest. They would use the newly-developed American military might to subjugate the rest of the world bit by bit into a global banking cartel. Once they controlled the finances of the whole world it would be possible to collapse any or all nation-states and then establish the Luciferian world government of their dreams.

    The CIA was specifically created to help carry out this plan, picking up where the Schutzstaffel left off. Former Nazi officers staffed the CIA and were also spread throught Europe and the Americas. The American people would be controlled through psyops delivered by a complicit mass media; the entertainment and news industries to become secret weapons.

    Meanwhile, “libertarian” economic policies would be instituted creating an upward redistribution of wealth. This includes globalization of trade (“free” trade), globalized labor (offshoring of jobs and third world immigration), fraudulent “trickle down” tax cuts for the elite, privatization and deregulation — all in the name of “liberty.”

    Now we seems to be approaching the globalist end game, wherein the world banking system will be collapsed and gold will become the default worldwide currency. This will soon lead to gold wars enveloping the whole world — an apocalpyse to be followed by the New World Order.

    Watch out for Freemasons, libertarians, Birchers, fans of Ayn Rand. These are people who will present themselves as opposing globalism but are actually integral elements of the NWO. For those who can’t take a hint, I’m talking about people like Ron Paul and Alex Jones.

    • What person or organization or philosophy is a better alternative?

    • You could almost look at it as the Fouth Reich. There just isn’t a swastika to symbolize the current regime. As far as the people having a negative view of the government, yes sir. Shit the people don’t get represented at all. Not a bit.

    • Support this claim: “libertarian” economic policies redistributed the wealth…

  22. Were supposed to have happy thoughts about a government preparing martial law?

    What are the FEMA camps for? Rainbows and Unicorns that poop cotton candy?

    • I’m happy that my Lord Jesus will be here soon. But I am kinda sad watching
      my country going down the tubes.

  23. We don’t have representative gov’t anymore, Any-one that has a brain know about executuve order 11110 that JFK signed and went know where after he was murdered, tells you allot about who the real murders are, Vietnam was a good distraction.

  24. Where is the poll of what people think about corporations and big banks ? It is the corporations and big banks that control the government, so stop focusing on the lackeys, the stupid puppets in government.

    Veritas vos Liberabit

    • it’s through the governments that they do this, so saying “corporations” won’t really change much – as these are private entities who are free to do anything “legal”, the ones the people gave power to control them was their village chief – and the village chief is a lying murdering thief who has set one of the neighbour’s houses on fire, blamed the neighbouring village which was at peace, and recruited the sons, turned them into murderers, and is getting them killed fighting the next village.

    • The UNITED STATES is a corporation dude.

      Title 28 USC §3002 (15)(A) states that the United States is “a Federal Corporation”
      and not Government, State or Republic, which mean the Judiciary Procedure are
      corporate rules. William Dixon v The United States, 1 Marsh 117, 181 (1811), Justice
      John Marshall explained that “The United States of America” was a corporation and all of
      the politicians were the officers of that corporation.

      • You’re spot on. All this crap started in earnest back in 1871. The problem is that people don’t know or don’t care. Worse still is the fact that knowing how to defend yourself from this criminal “justice” system makes no difference because 99% of the judges in this country refuse to follow their own corrupt statutes and codes. That’s why there are armed men inside the court room. If you have truth on your side they will simply remove you or stomp on your liberty, regardless if you’re right or not.

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