New Poll Shows Clinton with Only a 2 Point Lead

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2016


I have previously stated that I think they are hoaxing some of these polls.

Jazzhands McFeels over at Fash the Nation has gone into detail about this polling issue.

So, after telling us for a week that Trump was 12 points behind – based on a WaPo poll, coincidentally  – they now come out and say he’s 2 points behind.

Even considering the 3 point margin of error, it is extremely difficult to believe it changed that much in a couple of days.

We need to start being a lot more skeptical of these polls, and not let them get us down.


A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Trump by just two points, 42% to 40%, a much closer race than other recent surveys have shown.

With third-party candidates included, Clinton leads 39% to 37%, with Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson at 8% and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at 4%.

This Quinnipiac poll is quite different from other recent surveys on the presidential race, showing a much tighter contest than others. Its field period overlaps with those of the Washington Post/ABC News and NBC News /Wall Street Journal polls released Sunday, both of which found Clinton significantly ahead of Trump.

The difference is primarily in the polls’ estimate of Clinton’s standing in the race: All three found Trump within the margin of error of the other estimates (at 40% in the Quinnipiac poll, 39% in the Washington Post/ABC News poll and 41% in NBC News /Wall Street Journal poll, no statistically significant differences there). But each of the three polls pegged Clinton’s support as significantly different from the other two polls, with the low at 42% in the Quinnipiac poll, 46% in the NBC News /Wall Street Journal poll and the high of 51% in Washington Post/ABC News poll.

CNN’s latest Poll of Polls, spanning surveys conducted June 15-27, has Clinton ahead, 47% to 40%.

Quinnipiac found an alarming statistic: 61% of those surveyed say the 2016 election has increased the level of hatred and prejudice in the United States — compared to just 34% who say it has had no impact.

Well, that’s a fun fact, lol.

Brexit is doing the same thing.

The entire Western world is turning into a complete hatefest. Which is to say, White people are finally waking up to the fact that they have collective racial interests which they need to defend as a collective against the out-groups attempting to take everything that belongs to us.


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