New Zealand jails whistleblower exposing deaths from vaccine

A tiny country’s health ministry tried to take down the website of an American scientist, journalist and entrepreneur (Steve Kirsch) for posting anonymized, important public health data. He said no.

The same health ministry did its best to confuse the public about New Zealand’s November 2023 rejection of the WHO’s IHR amendments. Who are they REALLY working for?


The NZ health ministry acted in bad faith and under false pretenses to get information on deaths related to covid vaccinations taken down, after a NZ whistleblower made the anonymized data public when he could no longer stomach covering up the deaths. He is now in jail in New Zealand for leaking critical halth information the public deserved to know. Governments are the criminals, and NZ’s new government has not managed to get its agencies under control yet after the years of Jacinda Ardern’s reign of terror. Ardern had to escape NZ and is now at Harvard, the home for has-beens, frauds and plagiarists, along with Lori Lightfoot, former terrorist mayor of Chicago. Enjoy Steve Kirsch’s diatribe below—Nass

Health New Zealand is at it again! They are trying to get my site taken down. Not going to happen.

Here are the emails I sent to the Australian attorneys hired by HNZ and the NZ ERA . Bottom line: Trying to hide public health info from the public is never a good idea. Never. I will not comply.


JAN 26

Maybe they should change their tagline to “Hiding public health records from the public since 2022.” 

Executive summary

Trying to hide public health info from the public is never a good idea, especially when you are killing the public with a vaccine you are pushing. 

Health New Zealand can’t explain how their data is consistent with a safe vaccine (it isn’t).

So they are trying to con my hosting provider into taking down my site. Shame on them! Censoring truth is never a good plan and those participating in such an effort should be ashamed of themselves.

Why can’t we have a public discussion on what the data says instead of trying to censor the truth?

Here are two emails I just sent out. Enjoy.

My email to Clyde & Co, the Australia law firm sending emails to my hosting provider to have my site deleted

From: Steve Kirsch
Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2024 10:13 PM
To: Cooke, Anthony <>
Cc: Berkahn, RichardPatey, Lachlan ; Andrew Slater;  Margie Apa
Subject: URGENT – Deletion request
Importance: High

Hi Anthony,

What a pleasure to meet you!

If you want me to remove PHI, I would be happy to do so.

Why didn’t you just ask me nicely? Doing an end-run directly to my hosting provider doesn’t sound like you are dealing in good faith.

I’m sure you want to save lives just like I do, but pulling a stunt like this is NOT HELPFUL to building a great relationship with me.

As you know, you have no jurisdiction over me or my hosting provider. So pissing me off is simply NOT a good idea. It doesn’t serve your client well to do that.

You’ll have as much luck COMPELLING me to remove the data as the DOJ had with the NY Times and the Pentagon Papers. You should study that decision. It didn’t end well for the DOJ. Here’s a link.

I’ve told Margie Apa that I’d be happy to remove any MRN which discloses PHI. 

I also shared my offer to her publicly

She ignored my request. I don’t get it.

If you want to mitigate damages, ignoring my request is stupid.

I suggest you tell them to IMMEDIATELY supply a list of offending MRNs and the NHI number which matches. Will you do that for me?

As far as I know, all the records I published are fully obfuscated so that it is impossible, even for me, to discover the PHI of any person or match the MRN with an NHI.

The records I published do not match the records of any person living or dead. Not a single one. Am I mistaken?

If Health New Zealand disagrees, kindly provide the MRN and the matching NHI identifier.

If you cannot do this, then what’s the issue?

I don’t want to harm anyone, and I’m happy to VOLUNTARILY redact any offending records, but you have provided NO EVIDENCE OF HARM.

I request that you IMMEDIATELY provide a list of offending MRNs and the associated NHI so that damages can be mitigated.

I can be reached at <redacted> and would be DELIGHTED to have a RECORDED discussion on this matter if you have any questions.  I’m in California and you can call up to 10pm PST.

Finally, 2 months ago, I published an article “An offer you can’t refuse.”

Health New Zealand took NO ACTION on my request.

If they publish the FULL data, I’m happy to remove my data as it will no longer be needed. Why did they ignore that? That’s another way to solve the problem.

I look forward to hearing from you.


P. S. Barry Young is a hero. These records prove that Health New Zealand has been KILLING people with these vaccines. Maybe you should ask them to look at the data that was leaked? I requested a meeting with their epidemiologists to explain to me why, if the vaccine is safe, the mortality curves between vaxxed and background diverge. THEY REFUSED TO DO THAT. Why would they do that unless they are HIDING SOMETHING: like the fact that the vaccines are the cause of the excess deaths of THOUSANDS of people in New Zealand. Why can’t we talk about it? I’d be happy to invite YALE PROFESSOR HARVEY RISCH to the meeting; he is one of the TOP EPIDEMIOLOGISTS in the world. WHY CAN’T WE TALK ABOUT IT?

My email to the New Zealand Employment Relations Authority

Cc: Berkahn, RichardPatey, Lachlan ; Andrew Slater;  Margie Apa; Cooke, Anthony <>
Subject: [2023] NZERA 718 3266200 Health New Zealand will not comply with my request to mitigate damages. They should be ordered to supply offending MRNs
Importance: High

Barry Young disclosed the information to me. I am a US journalist and published the obfuscated records on the Internet.

I told the chief executive of Health New Zealand I’d be happy to VOLUNTARILY remove any record which “would likely have significant and irreparable adverse consequences for individuals and their whanau.”

They have refused to comply with my request.

I request the ERA order them to supply me with the offending records(using the MRN record identifier) and explain how it is possible for the record to be matched to any person, dead or alive, in a way that harms that person.

All the records were obfuscated using a ONE WAY randomization algorithm so that the data for a given person cannot be identified. Therefore it is IMPOSSIBLE for any person to identify someone else’s record.

So a breach of PHI is IMPOSSIBLE. No one has contacted me to remove their record because nobody can find their record because it is unfindable.

They need to provide proof to the ERA that there is at least one of the 4M records published on my S3 site that could reveal PHI or could have SIGNIFICANT or IRREPARABLE consequences.

Where is that proof?

They CANNOT meet that burden.

I said I would remove any such record from my website voluntarily.

They REFUSED to identify the MRN(s) of any such records!!!

They should be ordered by the ERA to identify the MRNs of these records IMMEDIATELY to mitigate damages.

If they fail to do that, they should be held accountable for any such harm that their inaction has caused.

I can be reached at <redacted> and would be DELIGHTED to have a RECORDED discussion on this matter if you have any questions.

They refuse to engage in dialog to settle this matter.

I have NO desire to harm people, but they refuse to provide any evidence of harm.

Where is the list of MRNs to be removed and the description of the irreparable harm for each of the records requested?


Steve Kirsch
US journalist


Health New Zealand is trying to enforce an order which was obtained under false pretenses claiming that there are “significant and irreparable adverse consequences for individuals and their families” through the publication of the obfuscated records.

This is blatantly false.

They cannot identify a single record in the data that I publicly released that can cause “significant and irreparable adverse consequences for individuals and their families.” Not a single one.

When I asked them to identify the MRN of any offending record so that I can voluntarily remove it, they refused to respond to my request.

What they want is to have the entire database taken down to cover their crime.

They’ve been killing people and they are unable to explain their own data.

Even top New Zealand experts can’t explain away the New Zealand data leaked by Barry Young. Epic fail every time. It’s ludicrous. For example, Janine Paynter got so pissed that I wasn’t falling for her bullshit handwaving arguments that she blocked me. Way to resolve conflict Janine! Maybe try data next time instead of nonsensical bullshit arguments?

Health New Zealand wants the public health data censored so the public won’t have the evidence to convict them of negligent homicide. It’s as simple as that.

Sorry, but I’m not going to be a party to the cover up of the crime scene.

Steve Kirsch’s newsletter
Executive summary Trying to hide public health info from the public is never a good idea, especially when you are killing the public with a vaccine you are pushing. Health New Zealand can’t explain how their data is consistent with a safe vaccine (it isn…


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