Oct 19 – World Condemnation Forces Bloodthirsty Netanyahu to Pause

Israel’s National Security Minister Ben Gvir (left) responds to calls for humanitarian aid to Gaza civilians: “The only thing that needs to be brought into Gaza is hundreds of tons of air force explosives, not a single gram of humanitarian aid.”

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The WEF-controlled West realizes that migrants rioting if Israel continues its killing spree in Gaza is a time bomb.

Israel has begun demobilizing reservists – the military operation has been postponed for weeks


“13 days after the declaration of war and the mobilization of reservists, the Israeli army began to send them home. The start of the ground operation in Gaza has already been postponed several times for a number of reasons. Wallanews war correspondent Amir Bukhbut reports that the main reason is external pressure, in particular the visits of US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.
The journalist claims that to carry out a large-scale ground operation, Israel requires international support. The international community calls for the resolution of humanitarian issues in Gaza before the outbreak of hostilities.”

Russ Winter- “The Israeli-U.S. war effort truly appears to be run by the Three Stooges or sub-zeros. On Tuesday the sub-zeros managed to hit a Baptist hospital in Gaza being used by displaced civilians. Reports indicated 500 were slaughtered.

“The PR management by Israel feels the ultimate in neurotic hubris. The goal continues to be centered around moving the Gazans to corrals in the south. Gaza is now out of food, water, and fuel, and hope for that is lost. Next, it is clear an attempt to pay off Egypt to grant entrance to mass refugees. That may be increasingly difficult to execute.”

US Vetoes UN Resolution For Gaza Ceasefire As Biden Visit Fails To Calm Fears Of Wider War

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Mike Adams–Stunning new video evidence reveals that Israel is likely the culprit behind the al-Ahli hospital bombing which killed more than 500 Palestinians as they slept on the hospital courtyard grounds (right next to the parking lot that was bombed).

Most conservative media publishers in America are missing key, critical evidence that overwhelmingly points to an Israeli-launched air burst bomb being used, specifically to blame Hamas and justify further atrocities in Gaza.

Pro-Palestinian protesters invade the Capitol: More than 300 demonstrators are arrested after demanding an Israeli ceasefire by staging a sit-down in a rotunda in the Congress complex

There were two occupations, one by Palestinian supporters and one by Jews demanding a ceasefire. 

Glenn Beck and almost all US conservatives are Zionist shills

Supporting Israeli psychopaths is the price Americans must pay for advancing their national interest.

Bank of America reported unrealized losses of $131.6 billion on securities in the third quarter, growing from the second quarter, but the bank does not expect the portfolio will generate actual losses in the long-term. Unrealized losses have come under closer scrutiny by investors since March

217 billion market cap. Unrealized losses on bond portfolio (due to rising rates) represent 60% of the bank’s market cap.

Michael Cowen- Get your money out of the banks

Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist from Olympia, Wa. was deliberately crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer, while undertaking nonviolent direct action to protect the home of a Palestinian family from demolition. Please do not forget this remarkable young woman.

But for ZOG enslavement, this woman would have been eulogized.  

Canada affirms Nazi policy of euthanizing the mentally ill

“Children For Sale”: Retail, Wholesale, Sale In Parts And Even Rent!

Not so long ago, the head of the human rights organization “Foundation to Battle Injustice”, Mira Terada, went public on the monstrous child trafficking carried out by the Ukrainian authorities. She claimed that children from Donbas are being stolen by Ukraine, and then rented or sold in Europe and the USA.

Children are taken to Spain through Poland, at the invitation of a Spanish organization. Poland itself is a “hub” of child trafficking. 85 children were taken out of the Artemovsky district alone. Some were sent to Argentina, and others to Spain and the USA. Terada noted that an Argentinian organization known as “Milagros del Corazon” even launched a program, according to which a child can be rented for 3-4 weeks, for 3.5 thousand dollars.

Ontario man files $35.6 million lawsuit against Pfizer over son’s vaccine death 

“My son died 33 days after his first Pfizer vaccine and he was a perfectly healthy boy with no underlying conditions,” he said.

He took a COVID-19 vaccine to be allowed to play hockey. Dan said he took him to the emergency room four days after his first dose because he had brown circles around his eyes, a rash on his face, and pain in his right shoulder.

American pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole determined in July Sean died from the COVID-19 vaccine.

Bon Appétit: Tyson Meat Producer to Open WEF-Linked Insect Plant

America’s largest meat producer has announced a new partnership with a World Economic Forum-linked company to open a major insect processing plant in the United States.

Tyson Foods Inc., the largest meat producer in the U.S. for all kinds of meats, is buying a stake in Netherlands-based insect-protein company Protix BV. Protix BV describes itself “as leading the world in the technical aspects of insect production.”

The company has also been hailed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and was awarded with globalist organization’s “Technology Pioneer” award.

End This Else…’: Putin Roars At Israel, U.S. After Gaza Hospital Attack 

Israeli Journalist Gideon Levy: Israel Should Lift Siege & Call Off Plan for Ground Invasion of Gaza

From Tel Aviv, we hear from award-winning Israeli journalist and author Gideon Levy, whose recent column for Haaretz is headlined “Israel Can’t Imprison Two Million Gazans Without Paying a Cruel Price.” 

Levy discusses the reaction within Israeli society toward Hamas’s unexpected attack and condemns the Netanyahu government for only mobilizing for further warfare rather than providing effective assistance to victims. “Nobody is leading Israel,” declares Levy, who also calls for Israel to lift its blockade of Gaza and accept that its campaign of eradicating Hamas is “impossible.” After decades of Palestinian subjugation under Israeli rule, “You can kill the current top people of Hamas, but you will not kill the ideology of Hamas,” says Levy.

Alex Newman- Globalists & Communist-Jihadist Axis Seek to Destroy Civilization on March to World War III
EXPOSED: The receipts for who is behind the “Deep State” seeking to manipulate the American government and how we beat them.

UPDATE: Pfizer Crashes After Slashing Profit Guidance By More Than Half On Collapsing Demand For DEATHVAX™ & Paxlovid

Japanese AI analysis ‘establishes Vladimir Putin DOES use body doubles to fake multiple public appearances’ amid speculation over serious illness
Analysis suggests there are multiple Putins with unique voices and mannerisms
Voice analysis and facial and gait recognition show major discrepancies

Failure to integrate huge numbers of migrants into UK life has fuelled ‘normalization’ of Israel hatred and anti-Semitism in Britain, counter-extremism commissioner warns

Victoria’s Secret ditches Wokeness. Discovers fat and ugly doesn’t sell lingerie

More proof woke and Agenda 2030 will fail
Israel’s Culture of Deceit

The whistling sound heard on the video just before the explosion, appears to come from the high speed of a rocket.   No Palestinian rocket makes this whistling sound. 


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