October 7 testimonies reveal that IDF shot up Israeli homes, “burned alive” Israeli civilians – Hamas only responsible for SOME of the civilian deaths

October 7 testimonies reveal that IDF shot up Israeli homes, “burned alive” Israeli civilians – Hamas only responsible for SOME of the civilian deaths

Evidence continues to emerge that points the finger at Israel being the responsible party that killed innocent Israeli civilians on October 7, not Hamas.

According to many accounts, Hamas militants exclusively targeted Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in its raid, leaving alone innocent civilians. It was the IDF itself that killed its own citizens while fighting to neutralize Palestinian gunmen.

According to Tuval Escapa, a member of the security team for Kibbutz Be’eri – Escapa was responsible for setting up a hotline to coordinate between kibbutz residents and the Israeli army – as desperation began to set in for the IDF on October 7, “the commanders in the field made difficult decisions, including shelling houses on their occupants in order to eliminate the terrorists along with the hostages.”

(Related: Did you catch our story about Yasmin Porat, who escaped the desert music festival on October 7 and took refuge in Kibbutz Be’eri? She told Israeli State Radio that the Hamas militants were nice to her and the other hostages – it was IDF soldiers who were shooting and killing Israeli civilians.)

In other words, Israel indiscriminately bombed Israeli housing to kill both Hamas militants and Israeli innocents together – this is the same thing Israel is now doing in the Gaza Strip by bombing hospitals, churches, and refugee camps, killing both militants and civilians.

Israeli media publishes report showing IDF bombed civilians in Israel “to repulse the terrorists”

According to a report by Haaretz, an Israeli media outlet, the IDF’s high command instructed Israeli soldiers to attack homes and other civilian sites in Israel “in order to repulse the terrorists.”

The Israeli military was also “compelled to request an aerial strike” against its own facility inside the Erez Crossing to Gaza, which was filled with Israeli Civil Administration officers and soldiers at the time.

In other words, many of the Israeli deaths in the official October 7 death count occurred at the hands of Israel itself, not the Palestinians as we continue to be told by the Zionist-controlled media and government.

It was only because of the IDF “shelling” of Israeli homes where hostages had been taken captive that Israel was able to restore control over Be’eri. It was not Hamas that killed civilians there – it was the IDF.

“The price was terrible: at least 112 Be’eri residents were killed,” Haaretz says about the death toll from IDF in that kibbutz. “Others were kidnapped. Yesterday, 11 days after the massacre, the bodies of a mother and her son were discovered in one of the destroyed homes. It is believed that more bodies are still lying in the rubble.”

A reporter for the Israeli Foreign Military-sponsored media outlet i24 noted that during a visit to Be’eri, it was observed that “small and quaint homes [were] bombarded or destroyed” by Israeli tank crews, along with “well-maintained lawns [that were] ripped up by the tracks of an armored vehicle, perhaps a tank.”

Various pilots have also reported to Israeli media that they were instructed to bring out the big guns with no intelligence whatsoever, leaving them unable to differentiate between Hamas fighters and Israeli noncombatants.

“I find myself in a dilemma as to what to shoot at because there are so many of them,” one Apache pilot confirmed, explaining that he and the others were instructed to “empty the belly” of their war machines regardless.

Confirmed video footage shows Israeli soldiers shooting Israeli civilians with Kalashnikov rifles on October 7

There is plenty of video footage out there, including the short clip below, showing that it was Israeli soldiers who shot up Israeli civilians on October 7, not Hamas militants. The following clip shows Israeli soldiers shooting Israeli civilians with Kalashnikov rifles:

“The objective behind Tel Aviv’s atrocity exhibition is clear: to paint Hamas as ‘worse than ISIS’ while cultivating support for the Israeli army’s ongoing bombardment of the Gaza Strip,” reports The Grayzone.

“While hundreds of wounded children in Gaza have been treated for what a surgeon described as ‘fourth degree burns’ caused by novel weapons, the Western media’s focus remains trained on Israeli citizens supposedly ‘burned alive’ on October 7.”

“Yet the mounting evidence of friendly fire orders handed down by Israeli army commanders strongly suggests that at least some of the most jarring images of charred Israeli corpses, Israeli homes reduced to rubble and burned-out hulks of vehicles presented to Western media were, in fact, the handiwork of tank crews and helicopter pilots blanketing Israeli territory with shells, cannon fire and Hellfire missiles … Indeed, it appears that on October 7, Israeli military resorted to the same tactics it has employed against civilians in Gaza, driving up the death toll of its own citizens with the indiscriminate use of heavy weapons.”

The latest news about Israel’s war on Gaza can be found at Prophecy.news.

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