One Million Lives Later, FDA Admits it Had No Authority to Stop Doctors From Using Ivermectin to Cure COVID

Recall doctors were being fired for healing their patients of COVID with this Nobel Prize winning drug with one of the best safety records in the world. Nevertheless the CDC and FDA fraudulently implied that Ivermectin was only livestock dewormer. Also recall that the COVID mRNA injections could not be approved for Emergency Use Authorization as long as there was an available alternative.”  This qualifies for fraud and racketeering. As of July 2021, 20 countries were  using Ivermectin to treat Covid-19.

From Western Journal, “FDA Forced to Walk Back Smug Anti-Ivermectin Post, Makes Huge Admission About the Drug”:

“After years of denigrating ivermectin as dangerous and as “horse medicine,” the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been forced to retreat on its all-out attack on the medicine after three doctors sued the agency in federal court for impeding their right as medical providers to prescribe the medicine to their patients.

The FDA made a key admission in court during an Tuesday proceeding in which lawyers for the doctors asked the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals whether doctors have a right to prescribe ivermectin since the FDA approved the drug for use in humans way back in 1986…

“FDA explicitly recognizes that doctors do have the authority to prescribe ivermectin to treat COVID,” Ashley Cheung Honold, a Department of Justice lawyer representing the FDA,…”

Below Source: UK Daily Mail

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Mainstream Media Confirming “Conspiracy Theorists” Were Right About Killer COVID Vaccines

As the mainstream media and medical establishment acknowledge extraordinary waves of deaths that are often closely linked to the rate of COVID vaccination, doctors and scientists who were called “conspiracy theorists” a few years ago are not the least bit surprised, and are seeing their predictions of massive deaths caused by the vaccines confirmed by autopsies and overwhelming data.

In one country after another, data shows that huge increases in deaths from all causes around the world, most notably among younger people, closely track patterns of COVID vaccine deployment.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a graphic which estimates excess deaths from all causes globally to be nearly 15 million between January 2020 and December 2021, far higher than the reported number of COVID deaths.

Source: WHO (Click for larger image) Excess deaths from all causes versus reported COVID deaths, Jan. 2020 – Dec. 2021.

Below: Timeline of excess deaths and COVID vaccination rates in various countries. Source of data: Our World In Data (CLICK ON IMAGE FOR LARGER IMAGE)

In June 2023 Fortune Magazine reported in “Excess deaths’ jumped nearly 85% in 3 years, study finds,”:

“People in the U.S. are dying at higher rates than in other similar high-income countries, and that difference is only growing…

In 2021, more than 892,000 of the 3,456,000 deaths the U.S. experienced, or about 1 in 4, were “excess deaths.” In 2019, that number was 483,000 deaths, or nearly 1 in 6. That represents an 84.9% increase in excess deaths in the U.S. between 2019 and 2021.

Excess deaths refer to the actual number of deaths that occur in a given year compared with expected deaths over that same time period based on prior years or, as in this study, in other countries.”

USA Today recently ran a column entitled “More young Americans are dying – and it’s not COVID – which held that:

“Life insurance actuaries are reporting that many more people are dying – still – than in the years before the pandemic. And while deaths during COVID-19 had largely occurred among the old and infirm, this new wave is hitting prime-of-life people hard...

Deaths among young Americans documented in employee life insurance claims should alone set off alarms. Among working people 35 to 44 years old, a stunning 34% more died than expected in the last quarter of 2022, with above-average rates in other working-age groups, too.

From 2020 through 2022, there were more excess deaths proportionally among white-collar than blue-collar workers: 19% versus 14% above normal. The disparity nearly doubled among top-echelon workers in the fourth quarter of 2022, U.S. actuaries reported.

And there was an extreme and sudden increase in worker mortality in the fall of 2021 even as the nation saw a precipitous drop in COVID-19 deaths from a previous wave. In the third quarter of 2021, deaths among workers ages 35-44 reached a pandemic peak of 101% above – or double – the three-year pre-COVID baseline. In two other prime working-age groups, mortality was 79% above expected.”

In August of 2021 Dr. Mike Yeadon, a former Chief Science Officer and VP at Pfizer for 16 years, predicted in a video that the novel mRNA technology being hastily pushed through the FDA process would make some people ill who would then “maybe die” and that regulators pushing for approval for pregnant women were “absolute reckless idiots” who should be “strung up by the thumbs.”

Dr. Mike Yeadon – They are “absolute reckless idiots…” (View at Bitchute)

 Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor Emeritus of the University of Mainz, winner of the Aronson Prize for achievements in microbiology and immunology, explained in July 2021 that it was impossible to predict the medium and long-term outcomes of the mRNA vaccines without years-long clinical trials, but that he feared the worst and did “not want to know” what the spike proteins would do to some people.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, ” don’t want to know…” what harm will come (View in Bitchute)

 In Februrary, 2022, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi said:

“There’s no word to express this. If they don’t start doing something, they’re going to be in real trouble because let us state this very clearly. These agents are in experimental stage of use. There is an iron law saying that if you are introducing a medicine or an agent into the body of a person under experimental conditions, then you must always assume that if anything happens to the patient, it is the new agent that is causing it. And you are obliged to go and find out. You are not allowed to turn away, 

In April of 2022 former high Bush administration official and investment banker, Catherine Austin Fitts, hailed the work of world renown pathologist Dr. Arne Burkhardt in showing that the vaccines were killing people. Fitts wrote in “Hero of the Week: April 25, 2022: Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt”

“Experts from the Doctors for Covid Ethics group and other initiatives—who include Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Michael Palmer, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Dr. Thomas Binder, Dr. Charles Hoffe, and many others—have explained tirelessly and in scientific detail WHY the new modRNA (synthetic chemically modified messenger RNA) injections a) cannot work, and b) are highly dangerous both due to the use of lipid nanoparticles and the choice of spike protein as the target antigen. Yet, it is the meticulous work of pathologists—in particular that of Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt and Prof. Dr. Walter Lang of Reutlingen, Germany—that provides THE PROOF that these injections kill and must be withdrawn from circulation immediately.

Prof. Burkhardt has shown in over 40 autopsies of vaccinated decedents to date that the injected agent or produced spike protein does not remain at the injection site (a fact that has now been confirmed by the BioNTech company in a reply to questions posed to them by the pathologists’ group) but can be found in all organs, lymph nodes, and vessels of the body, even passing the blood-brain barrier to express the spike protein in the cells of the brain. Prof. Burkhardt can also demonstrate irrefutably that the spike proteins thus detected by immunohistochemistry originate from the “vaccine” and not from a possible live coronavirus infection.”

Efforts to Censor Bad News on the COVID Vaccines

As vaccine deaths mounted, it has been the firm policy of the mainstream media and Big Tech which runs the Internet to label as “misinformation” any science which runs contrary to the “vaccines are safe and effective” narrative.

Below: Youtube censorship flag after removal of video on COVID vaccines

For example, a massive rally featuring vaccine-injured and killed victims was roundly ignored by the media in Los Angeles in the summer of 2022.

COVID Vaccine-Injured Rally, Los Angeles, posted by on June 22, 2022 (View at Rumble)

Websites for vaccine injured, such as those below, are difficult to find in Internet search results.

Real Not Rare.

Real Not Rare Facebook page.


 “Anecdotals” (documentary)  

“Safe and Effective” (documentary)

The Vaccine Reaction

Children’s Health Defense

Over the past 3 years thousands of doctors and scientists have called for an end to COVID vaccine mandates, and an end to the use of mRNA “vaccines” altogether. [Links to doctors’ calls for halts to mass “vaccinations,” partial list: 12345]

But by far the most alarming allegation regarding the COVID mRNA injections is made by Dr. Yeadon, who has reviewed official CDC vaccine deaths data from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), and come to the conclusion that the vaccines are being intentionally designed to kill people, in a massive “depopulation” experiment.

Below: Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Chief Science Officer (CSO) and Vice President for Pfizer, key excerpt from interview on deliberately deadlier batches (20 minutes) (Transcript of key excerpt from interview) (view at Rumble)(Full interviews of Doctors Yeadon and Wodarg)(view below video at Rumble original link)

With Dr. Yeadon having been right many times before as excess, all-cause deaths persist at historic levels, it is disturbing to wonder what else he was right about.

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